Why Dana Holgorsen is leaving West Virginia for Houston

Go follow Steven Godfrey folks…he’s our national guy. Good reporter as well:

### 5. Moving from the Power 5 to the Group of 5 doesn’t mean abandoning hopes of winning big games.

Houston can win at nearly the highest levels, at least based on recent history. Applewhite predecessor Tom Herman beat Oklahoma, beat other Power 5 teams, and won the Peach Bowl.

(Joining a non-power conference is, of course, to make yourself a very long shot to make the Playoff, but Holgorsen’s West Virginia hasn’t exactly been in contention for that anyway.)

UH also maintains its dream of eventually making it into the Power 5 itself, but that’s another story.


Would be interesting if WV signed the Cincy Coach. If Brown is indeed happy at Troy, it could happen as I would doubt Jones is high on anyone’s list.

Would be sort of funny if Fickell goes to WVU as they also have Huggins as their basketball coach. However, he’d be a great hire by WVU as he can recruit and knows the general area. Good fit.

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I hate to see the conference lose another good coach. Pay the man, Shirley.