Why does this board show so much respect for Fritz and not Dana?

It’s amazing what one great season can do in respect of public opinion.

  • 2019 CDH took over a terrible team badly managed by previous staff
  • 2020 COVID year with half the season cancelled
  • 2021 despite some close calls, was a great season
  • 2022 not sure what happened, but it’s a bad season with 2-3 games that could’ve went either way. Had we won those games in those same tight late game scenarios, would the attitude here still be the same? That said, SMU and Tulsa were no excuse losses

Willie gets a great season for the first time since 2016, and now all of a sudden he’s this great, loyal coach for Tulane and is building a great program. By no means am I aiming to disrespect Willie, but I’m genuinely confused here.


Mostly because we’ve been in conferences with Tulane for the last 30 years and we know that Fritz walked into an absolutely abysmal situation. Dana not so much.


Fritz won at TULANE, one of the worst college football programs in history.

Fritz has said several times that his offensive philosophy is what ever fits the skillsets of what he has. Dana tries to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Fritz has always taken responsibility when his team falls short. Dana blamed everybody but himself until his rant after the Kansas game went viral.

Fritz has disciplined teams. Dana’s players fight each other on the sideline, spit on other players and slap opponents after the game.

There’s no comparison.


What they ^^^^ stated above.

Whats been Danas best win in his tenure? At UTSA? Auburn, in a meaningless bowl game?

Willie Fritz beat Kansas St in Manhattan, KS.

Beat Cincinnati at Cincy.

Those 2 wins are better than anything Danas done

Last years schedule was kinda easy to be honest

at Rice, Grambling, Navy, at Tulsa, at Tulane, ECU, SMU, at USF, at Temple, Memphis, at UCONN

Tulane was bad. Only good win was SMU, but it was at home. Should win


Give me a break. Plenty of pressers where Dana takes responsibility.

Players fight. Those moments just happened to be caught on camera.

I’m not even trying to defend CDH as if I think he’s the greatest coach in UH history, by any means.


Check out Fritz’s HC record on wikipedia then you will know.

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Ehhh… In my opinion, apples to oranges

Their resumes are vastly different. Dana established himself as a OC and took WVU to the Big 12. Willie Fritz worked his way up as a D2/G5 head coach.

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Why does this board show so much respect for Fritz and not Dana?” is the wrong question.

The answer to right question is ‘77’.

2 completely different programs & situations - over the past 10 years there’s no excuse for us to not be neck and neck with Cincinnati for the conference championship

We’ve underachieved as a program, that’s the truth


This board has been admiring Fritz since at least his SHSU days. There were posts about hiring him to replace Levine. His latest season is just more evidence for the people that already liked him.


This times 1000, Holgorsen overall record here and WVU not very good


I am not happy with Dana based on how this season went… Tulsa destroyed any recovery we saw following ECU win. However, I do not think Fritz would be a good fit for us based on style, his age, etc…

If a change is made we should look elsewhere imho…


Blockquote * 2019 CDH took over a terrible team badly managed by previous staff

You mean a team that was 8-5? Yes, yes, I know we lost the Bowl game. Didn’t we beat Arizona, and a ranked USF team that year?

Has Dana beat any ranked teams to date? (Honestly, I can’t remember). EDIT: Yes, we beat SMU (#19) in 2021.

And last year was a cupcake schedule. EDIT: Opponents during regular season were 55 - 90 (W/L) combined.


Because everyone hates their current girlfriend and has eyes for the new hot chick (even if it’s a 62 year old man)…


Stop kissing Dana’s backside and wake up.

We have had multiple 4 win seasons, “Sack Ave” gave up 77 points to SMU, TDECU is a tomb because nobody outside of some sadistic diehards and players’ family members even show up anymore. We have no major wins during Dana’s tenure and no 6-6 Auburn in a bowl game where 15+ players opted out does not count.

Applewhite and Levine were fired for way less but Dana gets a pass because he drinks liqour and eats steak with the BOR?


I literally said I’m not trying to defend CDH

As far as him not being fired yet, I’m sure his 1 million donation saved him an extra season or two

Probably so but I say give him a refund and send him on his way. Realistically, he will likely be here til 2025.

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Roughly similar records, but…

…one at a small private school in Louisiana, perennial losing records, okay facilities (much better concessions), staff at fraction of the price.

…and one at a large public university, perennial winning records even with below-average coaches (see Levine and Applewhite), one of the largest metro areas in the US, Texas recruiting hotbed, better facilities, at 3X the cost.

It is pretty obvious why Fritz is well thought of and Holgorsen is derided.


And went 10-2 in the Big East, but struggled at West Virginia in the Big 12 which is a school that geographically didn’t even belong in the Big 12

Year four is over and people wonder where the fans are and why people are unhappy.

We are 11-11 in TDECU/NRG under Dana

We are 9-11 vs FBS

We are 0-3 vs P5

We are 0-5 vs future Big 12 teams with the average loss being by 18 points