Why does UH miss so many layups?

Food and entertainment situation:

-I am well aware The Satellite had to be torn down because of flooding and is being replaced by The Hub. However, The Hub is getting presumably overpriced food instead of what made The Satellite great. The Satellite had Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger Studio, Tandoori Nite, cheap, affordable options.

Stadium garage- Had Taco Cabana and a campus merch store. Now just emptiness. Could easily put another restaurant or bars to fill up that area and would be an INCREDIBLE
gameday experience.

The UC- Used to have several affordable options but is just McDonalds, Panda Express, another campus owned sub spot and some gross burrito place. More wasted opportunity.

-Chinese Star, a traditional UH favorite was forced out. Ok fine, but why has nothing replaced it? There was supposed to be a Food Truck Park slated for a Fall 2019 opening which obviously fell through. A student survey was talen and the top choices was Wharaburger, Chili’s etc. None of that has happened.

Now its just a grassy lot.

-Bullritos has been closed for a while. Not a big fan of it, but there has been NOTHING to replace it. This could easily be another bar or restaurant.

-Calhoun’s Rooftop was an all time favorite campus bar but UH decided to attempt another cash grab, Extra Credit replaced it which was then bought by The Nook. What did The Nook do? Make an overexpensive Wine Bar that literally nobody goes to. I went once and paid $12 for a tiny glass.

Subway by The Den was closed down and I dont Subway by UH Law exists anymore either. That plaza by The Den could EASILY be filled with more bars or better restaurants. SOMETHING.

I think our administration has done so many great things, but just like the situation with Hoglerson, it feels like they’re just screwing this up on purpose. This should be such an easy decision.

Every other Big 12 school does not have this issue.

At least Rice was smart enough to surround itself with Rice Village, The Medical Center and keep several options on campus. Older folks love to talk about how UT is the reason why every bad thing thats happened to UH has happened but really, UH just can’t get out of its own way sometimes.

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Has subway by the den been officially replaced? Last I was there (Christmas) it was empty.

That being said I agree with this. The food choices are getting suckingly worse. UH ain’t caring.

I think I’m getting a little mixed up. I’ll edit my post.

I feel like I woke up in the wrong bed.

What do you mean?

The off season is brutal for any restaurant there. Summer break, Christmas break, spring break.

I don’t claim to know the details, but I assume that UH administration has little to do with whether these businesses keep their doors open. Maybe I’m wrong.

Restaurants have a high failure rate. Running a business ain’t easy. Probably more so on a college campus that’s not full in the summer, Christmas break, or weekends.


Feels like getting restaurants is difficult but if there were a line of restaurants it would make more sense as a community thing and not a campus thing

Also, i think that one had fire damage by the arsonist

I haven’t been there in a while but food trucks do well there. Rice box, Waffle bus, Koreanos and the Filipino burger bus all went on to open restaurants. I feel they should be staples on campus

Well UH charges around $3 for a coke on campus, it’s no wonder the kids are staying away from over priced food. They could easily just leave campus.

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None had arsonist damage. Only a few floors and it was wiped out in seconds

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At one point, it was someone’s plan to have something akin to a restaurant row on Cullen, between
45 and Elgin. There was a Burger King, Pizza Inn (or Hut) , some other fast food joint , a gas station (???) and a Del Taco. It was a bust idea and bad placement imho. Only thing left of the exercise
is the Del Taco slab that is incorporated into parking lot on corner or Elgin and Cullen.

Reattemtping that exercise on now dead end Calhoun may be worth another go , offering the
vendors 25 years leases or something. But has a drawback with a dead end street imho.
As previously mentioned, the big school breaks limit a restaurant business to having only a 40 week
year to work with. Not sure the non school permanent community residents would support it
anymore now at that location.

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Rice University (Institute) was founded in 1912, while the Rice Village and TMC came along after World War II.

I’m sure CKS is as perplexed as you are at why his squad misses so many freebies at the rim. Oh wait.

Assuming that to be the case, aren’t businesses smart enough to take this into account when considering a college location?

“Man, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Business is booming in September, October, November, then NOTHING for half of December and January. And one week in March, same thing. Don’t even ask me about summers! It’s as if everybody has just gone away!”

A bunch of fast food areas near campus are active in off times…

I assume you mean Scott St, and maybe OST? That’s where there are actual year round residents.

On the other hand, the restaurants on MLK (former Calhoun through campus) or University aren’t nearly as accessible to the “general public”. They’re essentially dead end streets in the middle of a college campus. Not visible, not easily accessible, it really cuts down on potential customers.

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