Why Fertita Center is a great arena

I found this guys channel. Thought it was interesting. He visited Oregon, Washington, BYU, Gonzaga, Boise State.

Just looking at the arenas alone, having a smaller arena like us and Gonzaga do, is much better than the larger 10K+ arenas, in my opinion

What are yalls thoughts:

Gonzaga (skip ahead to half way in video to avoid his intro)



With Fertita, there’s not a bad seat in the place. BYU, might have 20K seat capacity, but some of those upper decks seats, probably aren’t the best view.

The bigger you get, the more NBA it feels like

I have been in Reed Arena a number of times and find the atmosphere very stale.

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If you have a big arena, you better have a winning culture and devoted fan base.

At Texas A&M, Reed Arena, they’ve been pretty average as a basketball program for many years.

So, the fans have probably lost some interest. Yes, they’ll show up for Kentucky.

But for a game against Georgia, Vanderbilt, Missouri, you’re probably gonna have alot of empty seats. Which leads to a bad basketball environment

Cool video. He kind of reminds me of Dwight Schrute.

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