Why is it that all the leaks are from OU?

There really hasn’t been much news and/or leaks from sources other than OU.

Cuz Boren is an attention wh***?

Leaks happen in politics when the leaker is unhappy with the status quo and needs to change the conversation or landscape to be more advantageous.

Deep Throat for example was unhappy with his treatment;Snowden felt there were violating the constitution; advisers in losing political campaigns leak to save their own skin.

You know who don’t leak? Winners. They don’t have a reason to. If you’re leaking, you’re losing. Draw your conclusions from that. I’m not sure what is going on, but people inside OU aren’t happy with the way things are going.


The Iowa State president (Leath) has talked a few times with their school paper about expansion, but mostly about the timeline (could be extended to Christmas or even later). Gee also has been quoted a few times, but really hasn’t said much. TCU is also supposed to be against expansion now.

But @jollyroger is correct, leaks usually occur because someone is upset with the status quo. With the Texas schools having a voting block, the rest are basically trying to break it or influence others to get what they want.

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The TCU leak was a bit curious, and went against how I saw things stacking up. I could even see Baylor bucking UT before I saw TCU doing that. It could just be the leaker wasn’t in the know, or it could be that TCU is getting ready to ask Texas for something.

Somebody is not getting his way?

Pictured: Not getting his way.

Is that mic even on?