Why Les Miles would make the most sense

Or he’s just looking for a place to finish out his career.

Anyways, I doubt if it is Miles or Holgerson the next UH coach. I’ll be shock if it’s any of them two. UH is just starting their coaching search and there is a long way to go.

The really good coaches are self motivated and ultra competitive because it is in their DNA. They would do their best to beat their grandchildren at Candy Land. I think Miles may be that kind of guy. But who knows?

I just wonder about his Old School Michigan offense that worked in Old School Michigan because they had top notch linemen. But, we won’t get a solid 4 & 5 star OL like he had at LSU – and still had a sorry offense. They won on defense and grinding down lesser opponents’ DL’s.

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@pray10 posted an article on another thread about how Miles has used his time off to study more prolific offenses. If he’s truly committed to bringing in an OC with a high flying offense and letting them work their magic, I’m much more on board with him coming here.

I’m much less enthused about Lane Kiffin as a HC candidate. He was not good as a HC at Tennessee or USC. He’s a great coordinator though. If we were going to go the Les Miles route, the dream scenario (and completely unrealistic one) would be Kiffin as OC and Orlando as DC. The only chance that could happen is if the dream team wanted to get together and wreck shop. Kind of like when Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte came to Houston. I know, I know, it won’t happen, but it sure can be fun to dream.

Realistically though, does anyone think Orlando would stay on as DC if Miles was hired as HC? What other great options would there be for OC besides Applewhite?

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I missed that article. Would love to read it. What thread was it in?

Here you go:

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I much rather prefer to see opposing QB’s on their a$$es than some gimicky offense that gets pummelled by a good secondary.

Con eso y un dolar puedes compar una coka.

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Clearing up one misconception: Miles isn’t a defensive coach. He came up as an OL coach and OC before getting the head job at Okie State. He’s mainly had good defenses because 1) He ran a grind em out, ball control offense at LSU, 2) He was able to bring in talented DC’s, and 3) He had one of the most talent rich states to himself at LSU (sort of why we’ve had success for years in Louisiana - too much talent overflowing). Doesn’t mean I’m against his hiring, could be very good. Could also be the 2nd coming of Kim Helton if he doesn’t change his ways; Helton brought in some decently talented recruits at first as well.

Current Coaches having some success after they were fired:

  • Bob Davie (New Mexico)
  • David Cutcliffe (Duke)
  • Bobby Petrino (Western Ky & Louisville)
  • Skip Holtz (La Tech)
  • Frank Solich (Ohio)
  • Rocky Long (SDSU)
  • Rich Rodriguez (Arizona - prior to this year)
  • Jim Mora (UCLA - prior to this year)
  • Mike Leach (Wazzu)

Leach and Petrino have been the most successful and we’re also fired for non-performance reasons.

Wasn’t it Les Miles who used to say “High octane offense” as part of his pitch when he was at Oklahoma State or was that someone else?

Dites-le à Art Briles ou à Mike Leach.

Miles would be the only hire that might be able to keep orlando and applewhite on board…he actually has more track record than herman…and as long a tilman is willing to pay the salary to keep cto why move on to UT?
major can’t go to ut but could go as a head coach to a lesser program…but i don’t think he wants that either. i think he needs a chance to show his own stuff, i think miles might let him get a bit more creative here than he was at lsu.
we don’t go up against sec defenses each week after all.


He’s an excellent coach and I would be very happy with him at the helm. He kicked ass at both LSU and Okie State.

I respect your opinion, but I guarantee you with Miles we will not be taking a step back to the Levine era of mediocrity on the field. Where has Les gone and not been successful? Les just just got fired from a job that he had done a very good job at. If that doesn’t motivate an individual, I don’t know what will. I think Dana will be a great coach here too, but if we hire Miles I think you will be very happy.

Fair enough. I just think that revenge is, at best, a temporary motivator. I’m speaking from personal experience on this. Once you go somewhere else and prove the other place made a mistake, that’s kind of the end of the motivation. Mission accomplished. Honestly, I would rather have someone who doesn’t need an external motivator. Maybe Miles is that guy and I just don’t know enough about him to know how he operates.

But I do trust Khator, Fertitta and Yurachek to find a good coach. As long as it isn’t Briles, I can’t imagine I’m going to be terribly upset about whoever ends up here.

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If Les is truly willing to let go of the reins on offense and open it up, I think he is definitely option 1. He gets overshadowed I think because he spent so many years going head to head with the greatest of all time, but his career achievements are pretty remarkable.

1 losing season in 15 years, and it was his very first year as a head coach in 2001 at Oklahoma State
72% career winning percentage, good for 13th among active coaches with at least 5 years at the FBS level
1 National Championship and 2 SEC Championships
In 11+ years at LSU, had 4 Top 5 recruiting classes, 9 Top 10 classes, and his lowest finish was 22nd, in his very first year

On a more subjective note, it could be argued that he has accomplished all this in the toughest division in college football for his entire career. In the early 2000s, while Miles was at Oklahoma State, the prevailing thought in college football was that the Big 12 South was the toughest division in the country. And the SEC West has probably been the most brutal division since Saban’s arrival at Alabama in 2007.

He is clearly the most accomplished candidate, I just would like to see him adapt a little more offensively here.

Yeah, Alabama, Michigan, Florida, Ohio State, Wisconsin and LSU are all having problems filling their 75k to 100k stadiums.

We had better attendance in the veer days than the run n shoot days because winning means more than anything else.


Kind of what I was thinking shaggylives. Winning fills stadiums. The blue print the old coach had is one for success. It’s not like our offense was bad either. You look at the games against Navy, and Memphis, our offense was pretty good. If we just look for an amazing offense that tries to outscore everyone we will never rise to the championship level. When has that blue print won it all. By outscoring everyone I mean a team that doesn’t stress D. Tech can score, but they can’t stop anyone.

All of the schools on that list would have traded their last two years for our last two years. I’m not interested in joining that group, i’d rather have another up and comer that leaves us than be UTEP with Price or UCF with O’Leery.


Miles has been saying that old BYU QB and ex Washington coach Steve Sarkesian will be his OC for new job…We WILL throw the football under Les…He is a brilliant coach who is already prepared to adapt to the new situation…

No more boring offense. NO Applewhite…running the ball up the middle on 1st and 2nd down.