Les Miles was fired after two losses

to two unranked teams in four weeks. Funny thing though, one of those teams is currently ranked 6th. They lost by 2 at home to them. The other team is currently ranked 14th. They lost by 5 on the road to them.

They must have still been holding a grudge for him losing to Arkansas last year or they told him at the end of last season he needs a better offensive coordinator and he refused.

I know Orlando said he feels he is ready to step up to head coach, but it seems like even a guy with Orlando’s experience wouldn’t take it as an insult if Miles got the job and Orlando was offered to be the defensive coordinator under him.

HC Les Miles, OC Todd Fitch, DC Phil Snow (if Orlando isn’t interested)

Miles would be an interesting choice. His players loved him, Louisiana loved him and we have strong ties there, and he usually had strong defenses.

Only question would be his offenses. He talked about studying Art Briles’ systems after he was fired; maybe we bring in Sterlin Gilbert as OC (had a year under Babers and a year under Montgomery). Other option, and I’m not sure how I feel about this one, he brings Briles in as his OC.

Article about him preparing to coach next season: