Why so little defensive subbing vs Navy

Just looked at the box stats from Friday. Only 13 players recorded defensive stats. Johnson got a tackle on special teams and K. Williams played on defense some. Fleming subbed for Ed when he came out after an uncalled chop block. I don’t remember seeing
Johnson at CB
All these guys have been used quite a bit this year. Not complaining because the result was good. It’s just curious and I’m wondering if anyone has some insight on it…besides the fact that it was cooler so less subbing was needed. Maybe I just answered my own question.

Navy generally plays slowly and leaves the same personnel out on the field, so there’s no need to keep guys fresh or sub guys in for better matchups.

It may have been due to those players not showing good eye discipline in practice.

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First, your gonna face less offensive plays vs Navy…they don’t throw and they huddle. They take about 30 seconds per play. So players not as tired, more rest in between plays and lineman not have pass rush which is exhausting.
Second, Fleming and Turner haven’t seen the field since Carter came back. Chevis went to bench as well .
Third, you don’t have a lot of time to get multiple players reps during week…and players should become more comfortable defending it as game goes on. Scout team can’t truly duplicate it…speed etc. my two cents

Carter probably took some of the time. He is pretty fresh relative to the other linemen. You also may have a significant drop off when certain guys go out.

Imagine if a school ran a up-tempo triple option effectively. That’d be scary!

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Ed and Carter are head and shoulders above the rest. Carter is really good. Godfrey came a long way and should be very good next year. Anenih can pass rush and so can Joell Williams off edge…CMD blitzed him a lot. Turner showed flashes early and looks like can be good, but he hurt us vs run against Tulsa and never got back in rotation once Carter returned.Turner will probably add 25 pounds before next year…he was lot lighter than Thurman and Chevis this year. Egbule drives me nuts…lotta errors vs Navy…in his defense, he had a tough assignment in CMD scheme vs option, as he had help vs dive…but his main responsibility was edge and pitch and he hurt us 1st half by getting caught inside…2nd half got better


During the Navy game, Mack Brown said Carter and Oliver could line up for anyone in the country.


Both will be drafted. Ed 1st round maybe #1 overall; Carter in rounds 4-5. I think playing next to ED increases the visibility of our linemen to scouts. Reason being, they want to know how ED gets free; or who is making plays when they double him.

On another note, if possible, the people behind them need more reps.

The problem with that is that the triple option tends to tire out the offense pretty quickly relative to other offenses. The QB in particular gets hit on nearly every play. To run an up-tempo option, you’d basically have to play with line substitutions like a hockey team, and that’d take so much time that you’d lose a lot of the tempo advantage anyway.


Well dang. lol Big boys need to hurry it up then!

Fleming got plenty reps vs Temple when Ed hurt and vs Tulsa in heat…wasnt pretty either time.

Who’s behind him? I’m just concerned when ED and Carter leave for the NFL, we need to be ready up front.

Potential recruit Shabazz Dotson said in video on 247, I think, that one of the things he likes about UH is the chance to play next to Ed. He said if teams double Ed, they can’t double me and get more tackles. I like how he thinks.

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Get him a scholly now! lol

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Michigan has offered, but that’s a long way for mom and dad to go to see him play.

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