Why this week was so devastating

It’s not about being 7-1.and ranked in the AP Its about being 7-1 and not even being ranked in the playoff poll. Not even ranked…don’t think that had anything to do with the team’s spirit??

And the committees’ decision to suddenly NOW allow 3 loss teams into the poll was the last straw…There had been ONLY ONE 3 loss team in all the weeks combined, in the entire history of the poll, and THREE popped up in the FIRST week the poll came out. Are you kidding me…


It’s about the fact we have ZERO chance at winning the championship…ZERO. WE can win ALL our games for a decade and they will come up with an excuse. Z…E…R…O…

Let me put that into perspective…Imagine if the Astros won 80% of their games and were not allowed to even be in the MLB postseason. Imagine if the Texans went 13-3 and they were told…Nope…The Jaguars, Colts and Titans bring down your SOS…sorry, no playoffs for you this season.

Ditto with the Rockets.

And to add insult to injury…Our network, ESPN, which we are signed to TRASHES our conference every chance they get while also running our content at a discount…I really hope we sign with NBC and THEY actually invest in our conference. This week did it for me.

I am just beyond pissed…I’m just sick of all the politics in college football.

Novel idea…8 team playoff…ALL P5 Conference Champions get a spot. The best of the G5 gets a spot and 2 wild cards… or NO Wild cards if you want to leave at 6 with 2 getting a bye.

Notre Dame…get your arse into a conference …It’s no fair that you are the chosen Independent but BYU isn’t. BYU get your arse into a conference as well. You must win your Conference to get an automatic spot.

Even at the P5 level, can anyone hang with Alabama??..29-0 over the THIRD ranked LSU. The Big 12 is a defensive cluster…the PAC is garbage, the Big 10 is top heavy, and the ACC (minus FSU and Clemson) is used to pimp Notre Dame. It really a P1 (SEC), almost a P (B1G 10), inspires to be a P (Big 12, ACC, PAC)

I’m sick of it…And i haven’t even talked about our craptastic coaching staff or their lack of vision yet.


I am with you, all the way…the straw that broke the camel’s back…CFP, public enemy #1, P5 conferences, public enemy #2, coach No D…public enemy #3, coach Applewhite leadership public enemy #4!!!

Ok so let’s just shut the damn program down, listening to y’all there must not be any reason to play football anymore


Tell me our legitimate chances to win the championship within the next five years? I say “realistic” because its not even possible…they system is rigged and I am sick of being a pawn for 10-15 select teams.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

What the playoff committee did this week was once again mover the goal line. TRUE, maybe UCF can’t hang with #1 Alabama…but neither can LSU but they had a chance to prove it ON THE FIELD.



Man, you are making a horrible assumption. We are angry…not wanting the program shut…where did you come up with THAT??? You know you were upset with the results…and yes, 24 hrs later, the pain is still there…

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There was no chance to go to the playoffs going into the season. Did you just realize that? No one forces you to go to games or spend any time or money.

If there is NO chance then why are we playing? Our fan support in the city is horrible, most people in Houston wouldn’t care less if we shut it down, that’s the reality. I sure as hell don’t want to drop down to FCS level, I’m at every home game, I’m just pissed and frustrated with the whole damn mess

Exactly, every week in the office…a “few” of us talk about the Cougars season. Most of the other UH alums couldn’t even name what conference we are in…let alone how we are doing. Meanwhile, the Aggie, LSU and Longhorn alums gladly “DRIVE” to their home games to watch their program. No…“kids have soccer practice” or whatever else our alums use as BS excuses.

With that said…I honestly feel we would be viewed as more important if we had EQUAL access to resources, the playoff, etc.

This isn’t the University of Houston from the SWC days that can “only” get 20k in the Dome. WE have the potential to sell out Reliant…we have interest here for the BIG games. WE are almost a 100 year old University now…enough of this kiddie table crap.


Surely you are not just now coming to this conclusion. It was designed thus way from the very beginning.

Do you really believe that we are actually good enough to be ranked in the Top 4 this year? Next year will be even more difficult.

NY6 is the UH CFP.

It’s like when Dwight won the Salesman of the Year Award: “It is literally the highest possible honor that a northeastern Pennsylvania-based mid-size paper company regional salesman can attain.”

G5s are the mid-size regional paper companies and the NY6 bid is the highest possible honor they can attain.
It’s the top prize for a G5 without some kind of 3- or 4-year undefeated run. How many undefeated seasons does UH have in its history?


Guys, did anyone think we had a chance at the CFP before the season? Even if we had run the table it would not happen. Deal with it. I go to UH football and basketball games for two reasons – I love football and basketball and I love my Coogs. If they win and go to a great bowl or the NCAA tourney, I am exstatic. If they lose, I am disappointed, but fortunately for me, I still love the sports and my team and enjoy watching them play. The valleys make the mountain tops all that more rewarding.

On the other hand, it would be nice to be in Alabama’s situation. It would also be nice to be tall, dark, and handsome. Neither will happen and I can live with it. I worry about some of you guys.

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So…we don’t have a chance to win a fake championship?

Jesus. Just STFU.

Don’t go to games.

Stay off this site.

Give the rest of us some peace

Go see a therapist

And you think this is bad? Try other sites. Who are you? The politically correct police?

I don’t know if anybody realistically thought we had a chance at the CFP this year. I didn’t. However, this season sets us up for next year. If you aren’t in the cartel, you must have at least 2 outstanding seasons in a row. The problem UCF had this year is they may go undefeated but their SOS is weak. Next year we have Oklahoma and Washington State. The CFP will not be able to use our SOS against us. But, we have to run the table. They won’t take a 1 loss UH team, even if our SOS stacks up well.

What bogus non-sense. The current (4 team playoff) selection committee will NEVER rank any non-P5 team in their Top 4. NEVER! And no one should try to argue otherwise. It makes you sound delusional.


You need to calm down man. Any team not named Bama has zero chance of winning a national title. Their 3rd string can beat most teams.

I understand your frustration with the team. If we had any semblance of a defense, we would be undefeated right now. UH still has a division to win and a conference title to play for. Team and coaches need to stop making excuses and just fricking win. Especially you Dorito.