Why top college basketball prospects are forgoing traditional high schools to join superteams

Everything you wanted to know about the sneaker controlled AAU/pop-up high school world. I feel bad for some of these kids; not the ones that get drafted high, but the ones like Daniel Hamilton of UCONN who chose to sign with an agent as a sophomore even though he probably won’t get drafted. Too many people talking in these kids ears, trying to make money off them. Wish they’d go to a baseball like system where if you go to a 4 year college, you will spend at least 3 years there. Otherwise, you go to a JUCO or go pro. Need to stop forcing kids to go to college that don’t want to be there.

Why top college basketball prospects are forgoing traditional high schools to join superteams

The short answer is that many players don’t see their schools as schools anymore. They don’t even see them as basketball programs. They see them as platforms. “The end run isn’t about academics or winning,” says recruiting analyst Corey Evans, the managing editor of Hoop Seen. “It’s more about the fastest jump to the professional ranks.”

Very good and true article. I was at first surprised, then not surprised that I have seen no early responses to it on this site and have not seen it posted on the other site.

I read numerous post of how UH must get a player from Austin, how his mom was for UT, how his AAU coach was friends with CS, etc.
I LOL each time because UH is not a part of the new P5+BE system. These players are being developed for the P5+BE schools who happen to be the flagship teams for Adidas, Nike or Under Armour. How obvious can it get? Well how about this:

Ohio State, Texas, Alabama, UCLA, and other P5 schools have contracts with either Adidas, Nike or UnderArmour and are paid millions of dollars plus free/discounted uniforms for all sports. All these schools need to do is honor the contract and wear their uniform, thus advertising their logo and product.

UH and other G5 schools (and lesser P5 schools) must sign contracts to pay millions of dollars to Adidas, Nike or UnderArmour to get discounted uniforms. Again they are wearing the uniforms in whatever sport and are advertising the manufacturer and their product.

So, who do you want getting the top BB players THAT you have spent millions creating your own developmental BB leagues/teams to create these players and make them a marketable brand?

Do you want the best players in Texas to go UT, Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, UCLA, or one of the other schools that your brand is marketed the most? Or do you want them to go to a lesser G5 program that pays you for using your uniforms. G5 schools who are rarely on Prime Time games in FB/BB (compared to the P5+BE schools) and thus usually have much smaller audiences watching BB players wearing your product.

Yeah the 5* went to UT just like Momma wanted.
The only recruiting war is going on between Nike, Adidas and UnderArmor,
Read the comments in the article by the Notre Dame BB HC. Very telling.

What is more sad to me is that now these same snicker giants are in the 7 on 7 FB. How long before they ruin college FB just like they have college BB?.

Today’s college BB is kind of like do I vote for Hillary with her companion, Huma Abedin (Lorena Hickok room in the White House is waiting) or do I vote for Donald (your fired) Trump. Whoopee, is there someone else? Hey UH is recruiting against UT, Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, A&M and N. Carolina for this all everything Houston area BB player. Whoopee, is there someone else we are recruiting?

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