Why we could get a lot of starters returning

The NBA is not high on 6 foot point or shooting guards.
Our bigs are tough, but undersized and don’t handle the ball at an NBA level.
And we have NIL money. Didn’t Shead ink a contract with Exconmobil?

We have very talented players. But they are not NBA sized for their position.
Heck, Curry always like small to me and he is six foot five inches and buries threes.

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Shead inked so many deals it would make your head spin. I bet he’s making more money than sasser did.

Shead is the NIL blueprint.

If you can play d and hit 3s you will always have a job in the nba no matter your size.

Jamal is an nba level pointguard and will be in the league for many years.

The question is can the NIL money rival his potential rookie contract.

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Curry is 6’ 2". Some have him listed at 6’ 1" but we can go w 6’ 2". But not sure where 6’ 5" comes into play.

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Curry is up to 6’6 today trending up

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Last night, Shead sounded like he was moving on.

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Ok. Not sure why that response but ok.

Means he’s playing above himself i think.

Shead and Roberts are gone. No doubt. I’m curious who else finishes their career here and moves on but more importantly who we can bring in. I… am ambivalent about the transfer portal and would prefer the homegrown talent. But i trust coach.

What did he say?

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i’m not that sure on roberts, he would definitely benefit from one more year before going pro

Clearly that’s with shoes

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6’7 now. Some kids grow after high school. Ever hear of David Robinson??


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He was 5’1 when he graduated high school. Not tall enough to fly a fighter jet. But he went into the Navy anyways, ate Navy slop, took some pills, came out 7’4. Too tall to fly a fighter jet.

That’s who

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Oh. He sucked at defense because he was too tall.

Exhibit A:


Yeah sure. But imagine how bad he was at 5’1

Or Scottie Pippen

Would love to see Shead comeback another year like Edey to go out on better terms.

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5’1” with a 7’9” wingspan?

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Bob Lanier entered St Bonaventure at 6’5". Played in the Final Four at 6’11"