Wikipedia says Briles has no deal with FSU

Briles wanted Clements to come with him and FSU said nope so no deal was made.

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone.

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Lol…these two are going to end up sinking themselves.

Looks like briles offense will not work if he does not have his OL coach?

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This is true. And people seem to be naive and gullible. “Wiki” info is highly suspect at best. But we have folks that seem to believe that if they read it on the internet, it must be true.


The onion is also not real news stories.


Go to any wiki page and hit edit at the top. The only warning you get is that if you are not logged in, your IP is recorded with the edit. I’m sure Duarte will be happy to tweet if/when Kendal is gone.

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Don’t you just love it that Briles and Clements just redid their contracts for more money and years with UH, and they are out on the jobs trail. I don’t know how you ever stop this garbage from going on, but I sure would love to see some tighter rules put into place.


Greg Frey is the noles current OL coach … former nole player on their nat’l champion’ship '93 team … with former stops at Michigan, Indiana and West Virginia …

Taggart’s ah dummy but he is not dumb enough to fire a former ex-nole OL coach with a decent track record

Seems that Kendal not only has the Baylor albatross as baggage but he won’t go ANYWHERE without Clements who has known the “Briles” blocking schemes since Stephenville … Kendal probably learned his lesson at FAU where he had to train an OL coach to his techniques and why he wanted Opie to hire Clements when he came to UH …

So far NO desperate P5 team has taken the bait or Kendal’s demands … Tennessee or even the idiot Taggard or his AD most likely …

Wikipedia? Seriously?


had discussions with a longtime BU athletic dept employee , he says Clements is a big key to the offense success.

wikipedia has changes several times in the last week

Won’t speak on the legitimacy of the rumor, but CMA made it a point this year to bring in an OC and their pick of an OL coach. Said that was one of the reasons that Brian Johnson struggled the year before as his pick for OL coach left quickly to go to Indiana and they had to backfill. OC and OL coach weren’t on the same page.

Anyway, don’t believe anything is done until JD or Berman report it. This is the crazy season.

The coaching carousel is not unique to UofH. Alabama loses a top coordinator every year. When we make good hires we get poached and the trend has become our business model as we make money on the buyout. I only wish we had bigger buyouts.


According to “FSU twitter,” the hold up is either:

  • Briles wants to bring 2 assistants in and FSU wants to announce everything at the same time once they finalize the details for all three. Also have to move coaches already in place at FSU.
  • There are 2 BOR at FSU that are against hiring Briles. There is still a majority that will confirm the hire, but the board wants a complicated morality clause (more strict than what he had here) and that’s causing a snag. CKB May pull out because of this.
  • There are big name boosters that are against the hire and will pull money if Briles is hired at FSU. They are pressuring school.
  • Briles hire will be announced today or tomorrow. Clements will go with him.
  • Briles wants to coach bowl game and announcement will be made afterwards.

Interesting, a lot of disparity there.

Citing Wikipedia is hilarious, but it’s still probably better than citing MHver3.


2 assistants? So Clements and his dad or Clements and someone else on our staff?

I’d guess another former Baylor assistant not currently on our staff (like Jeff Lebby).

I do see the buyouts getting bigger, though. I’ve come to embrace the stepping stone tag since that means the program is generally doing well, if not great. Just keep getting richer with the buyout clauses.

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