Will attendance be allowed now?

Does/Will the allowance for all “businesses” to return to 100% occupancy beginning March 10 apply to UH Sporting events?

I would assume so but it’s going to take some time to get all that set up.

I highly doubt this decision was based on any mask mandate, or occupancy limits imposed on UH…


as a state agency is UH allowed to do anything other than what the state orders dictate?
they can decide not to have attendance for any reason I suppose…but why lose the revenue?

I think our original decision was done for financial reasons because of the limitations. They can open that up now which may allow a change in policy.

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In the words of Tony Beets, “make it happening”.

I’ve heard NO.

Hopefully most of UH games will be televised on ESPN+. If we can’t be there in person, then at least we can support the team via media outlet.

Get rid of 5 star. Money saved.

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