Will College Hoops Be Played This Season? More Than 250 D-1 ADs Weigh In

If a cheap rapid test becomes available it’s hard to see a legitimate reason we can’t have some form of a season.

I don’t think a bubble is going to be possible for OOC or conference play even though that high major AD says they could do it but at worst case you could just have several regional tournaments each team plays in through out the year, then bubble-ish setups for conference tourneys and maybe a couple of bubble-ish setups for the NCAA tourney.

With the PAC saying they are not playing sports in 2020 how does that affect things?

Well technically all fall sports…so bball is still in play.

No, they postponed all sports in 2020

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When is the P5 going to drop the PAC…?

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Yeah thats right…but I don’t think they afford not having any college basketball the start of 2021

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