Will Houston represent USF's biggest headache? We say no

Bulletin Board Material;


But as headaches go, we don’t predict the Bulls’ biggest one to hail from Houston. We can see UCF potentially providing a migraine-caliber challenge to the Bulls on Black Friday.

Follow us here: By the time USF travels to Orlando, we expect the Bulls to have clinched the American Athletic Conference’s East Division and still be in contention for the New Year’s bowl berth awarded to the Group of Five’s highest-ranked conference champ.

I can’t decide which game I’m looking forward to most. This game or Memphis.


When the heck did Mumphish become a rival? lol But I get it. I wanna curb stomp that arse. :sunglasses:

@MajinCoog memphis is just generally a really dirty playing team. In 2015 I was on the sideline before halftime right when they (very intentional) hurt Greg ward, and I watched as the players on the sideline saw him on the ground and started cheering and hugging and celebrating. Since then I’ve wanted to curb stomp Memphis in everything we do, they play with very little integrity/sportsmanship

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That’s all on Justin Fuente. He’s going to get in trouble one day at Virginia Tech when one of his players pulls that.

Really looking forward to both of those games. Glad we get Memphis at home because I think whoever wins that game, wins the west.

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I agree but add Navy to that. Thankfully we get both home!

If memory serves Ayers got crotch kicked or something like that 2 years ago vs Memphis. Dirty for sure.

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Kind of remember that too. Either E-Rob or Taylor had his foot grabbed and twisted in the pile, right in front of one of the zebras.

Yeah that twist looked like the guy was trying to snap his knee. I remember somebody posting a short vid on twitter and being shocked that nothing happened to that memphis player.


I hope Tennessee takes away their funding. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

From that article, it appears that the paper feels the Bulls will beat the Cougars with little doubt. I wonder if the team feels the same way, setting them up for a romp by the UH.

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I will never forget the abject despair on the faces of Memphis fans when Kyle Postma stormed back to defeat them in 2015. I have never derived so much joy from someone else’s despair as I did that night.


Ohh yeah, we sit right behind opponents bench, one of the women that fills the Gatorade cups and hands them out was so pissed, tossed a cooler screaming… I was loving it… Epic meltdown even from the “staff”.


I just remember the answer to prayer when their stud FG kicker shanked that final second attempt…