Will Marvin Wilson be at the UConn game?

With OU getting beat pretty badly by OSU and LSU getting rid of Les Miles, I would think that the Coogs have a chance to move up into Marvin’s top 5. Every time the announcers talk about Ed Oliver I hope Marvin hears it.

I’d love to have Vegas start up odds on who will be with their current program longer Herman or Strong just so it takes that away from UT as a recruiting tool. You can be certain that programs like UT and LSU like to say “yes, Herman is a great coach but he won’t be there much longer.”

It looks to be a beautiful night and even with a thousand or so unsold scalper tickets, I expect there to be less than 3k no shows. 37k and another impressive performance by the UH defense should make us a stronger blip on Marvin’s radar if he shows up.

For those that don’t keep up with recruiting that much …

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Using Stubhub as a reference I would guess that there with be between 4K and 5K no shows. There are still too many tickets on the secondary market.

Weather should be nice!!! I’m starting to feel a light cool breeze outside.

Gah! Would love to see Oliver, Taylor and Wilson destroying opponents offense. It would be a sight to see. Too bad Taylor is graduating this year.

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You must be young and not remember the days of Houston having 5k tickets available at game day and long lines at the ticket office on game day. The whole point of shopping a place like stubhub for a game that isn’t sold out, is waiting for a better deal for better tickets than available at game time. The prices will go down on stubhub over the next 48 hours and tickets will get sold to people that plan on attending. A majority of the no shows will be corporate seats that couldn’t give away Thursday night tickets to people that watch most of the games at home and groups that won’t be bringing the kids or the friends they bring on Saturdays. If there is more than 3k no shows, sell out or not, players (and recruits) will wonder why it looks like that compared to the other games they have gone to watch.

They are already $6 each.

UCONN is box office baby! Why we need out of this conference