Will Olympic Sports become “Club Sports”

When MBB and CFB players are able to start promoting their likeness for money, jersey sales, and sponsorship/advertising will this cause the death of scholarships for the Olympic sports?
If Universities start getting into bidding wars for the services of a great QB or RB, or Center or PG, the government will push all athletes to get paid above the cost of the scholarship. Since those sports make no money, will they get cut, unsponsored, and relegated to club status where the athlete can pay their own way and volunteers set up the matches and meets.

I don’t think so bc the schools are paying salaries to the athletes and schools are against. The big 10 stayed they would rather break away from the ncaa etc than pay salaries or bidding wars.

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How does breaking away from the NCAA help the Big 10 in this situation.

The issue will follow them with whatever organization they are a part of.

This is a human rights issue, a labor rights issue, a students right issue it has nothing to do with any type of organization.

COVID has really hit ADs and the sports that are feeling it the most are the Olympic or non-rev sports. It is going to be a tough 5 years on many ADs and especially on the Olympic sports. Its the Olympic sports that far more represent the concept of “student athlete”. Check their grades and graduation rates and they put in as much time and even more and some have to work part-time jobs as they balance many of their partial scholarships.

I sure hope the damage to the Olympic sports stay part of the college AD scene for ever, but they are certainly at risk.

I have always felt the money for their likeness will be far less than many are anticipating. If only 1-2% make it to the pros, maybe 5% of those college athletes destined for the pros will reap much of anything from this likeness promoting.

The big 10 said they would rather go to a lower level than pay. It’s not happening as far as bidding or paying a salary.

I think we will see after the Courts Ruling. The Big 10 May say that they will not participate in a bidding war. But when the become non-competitive for top tier athletes the big donors will either stop giving or the ADs will need to pay up.
Will the Big Ten decide the be the Southland Conference?
Non-future pros will be able to make money with their likeness. Most college fans are middling pro fans. They want their U to succeed. Aftern that they are no that concerned.

There’s no way salaries are going to be paid bc also they could then tax revenues of the athletic depts . A break a way and salaries aren’t going to happen bc schools can’t afford and even if so only 15 or 20 could afford it.

What’s the government got to do with this?

Equal Opportunity Employer. Most get government funding so they will be sure to stick their noses in.

I find it curious that you ignore the “zealous” fan/grad financially wealthy individuals who will be willing to pay “big bucks” to the athlete or athletes he/she desires to play for his school. Been happening for many years and will continue to happen, only a bit more over the table instead of under the table. Back in the '70’s, I was told a story about a 7th string QB playing for a “big name” school. After graduation, he stayed to play one more year. Exiting a small grocery, another student asked him why he was playing after graduation . . . . . answer was “I make more money playing 7th string QB here than I would out in the real world” . . . . .

The onion will be peeled down many layers in this. Why isn’t the backup SG on the women’s basketball team getting endorsements like the starting QB on the men’s football team. Even though it is outside the control of the university I think this will blow up in their faces soon enough because everything has to be ‘fair’.


It would cost the p5s 8 to 12 million a yr and counting along with athletic depts having to pay income tax on profits. This won’t happen bc of that.

What kind of dirt bag would give a 19 year old ball player money under the table to play ball for the team you root for? I just can’t comprehend that.

I don’t think there’s any chance that student-athletes are going to be employed by the Feds or the State–ever.

This is political BS.


I honestly don’t think the p5 will break away nor start paying salaries to players both of which would destroy them and college sports. We likely get an expanded playoff and athletes can make money off likeness then we’re all happy. Paying athletes at the college level is a can of worms that the p5 doesn’t want.

Nobody is suggesting that student athletes become employees of the federal government. The suggestion is that EEOC will get involved.

The problem is male athletes and female athletes will need to get the same goodies.

It’s not happening bc of the issues of salaries which escalate then if they are paid then the ath depts become taxable by the IRS. It keeps going in the wrong direction from what the the p5 wants. It also blows up amateur sports.

The most they do is pay for likeness of image which is fair and a small payment over the ship limit to help cover some costs for student athletes.

That’s all that’s gonna happen

That’s what he said.

And in order for the EEOC to become involved, the athletes will have to be employees. They are not employees. They will not be employees.

That is a legally and factually specious statement.

All that has to happen to get the federal bureaucracy involved is to have a title 9 complaint filed.

You’re mixing your laws. As far as I can tell, nobody was talking about Title IX.

Bigger point, the NCAA is talking about letting athletes make money from their image, name, etc.

Nobody . . . and I mean nobody . . . is talking about schools paying athletes beyond the scholarship and approved stipend.

This is crazy, made-up stuff.

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