Will popcorn guy make the game Friday?


I’ll be popcorn guy depending on how much we get busted for

Dudes a legend in these parts. Never identified. Sitting in the stands as Stanford was kicking our ass in Seattle, drinking his Fireball, eating his popcorn.


We had our own local version years ago (Oilers fan) on MNF, back when every NFL team had to be broadcast once a year…the Oilers were more dreadful than usual that year, the Oilers were getting creamed, and it was late in the 4th quarter. Dandy Don, Howard Cosell and the rest had run out of all material whatsoever, when camera guy spotted a lone fan WAY up in the yellow seats, all alone. He was surrounded by all sorts of empty popcorn bags, etc, AND clearly about 15 empty beer cups.
This guy spotted the camera on him, and on live TV, gave the National TV audience the finger…
Dandy Don immediately responded by saying that this loyal fan was telling everyone that the Oilers were No. 1…
Absolutely priceless.


I remember that it was so damn funny.

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1972 versus the Raiders

I’m hoping Hubcap guy comes.

I personally like Fireball Guy. Leach’s 1st season we were playing UCLA in Nov and it was 14 degrees at kick off. My dad and I got home from the game and watched it for a while the next day as they nearly came back and won down 38-7, lost by 8, 44-36. When It was 7-0 they came back from a break and there was a guy with a bottle of Fireball just chugging it down. It was dad’s weekend so the Dads were all cheering him on.

Popcorn guy was at the worst weather game ever when we played Stanford in Seattle, 50mph winds and sideways rain. They were just giving us the plunger so my friends and I left and went drinking. Woke up the next day to see popcorn guy on ESPN.


You baws know how to drink. Cheers.

Oh Lordy we are on another level. Nothing to do in Pullman.

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