Will UH ever wear CUSA-era throwbacks?

Last year was the 10th anniversary of the 2006 C-USA Championship team, and the 20th anniversary of the 1996 team. Both of those years are long enough ago to be in we-could-wear-it-as-a-throwback-if-we-wanted-to territory. But will we ever want to? Should we?

The unis from 1996…

and from 2006…

I liked those uniforms and would like to see them again.

However, they were Addidas products so I doubt we see them again under Nike.

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After posting those images, I would do the 1996 uni in a heartbeat.


Yep, wouldn’t mind if that was our Uni now

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Actually, I think these were the 2006 uniforms, but I might be wrong since I wasn’t there:

Regardless, I’d welcome a game in the Kolb-era sets.

We could also go with a Keenum-era uniform, but I’ve never really been a big fan of that one:

did they do something like that a couple seasons back and auction the jerseys?

You are correct T-Moar. We had the Cougar on the sleeve. Went back and looked at highlights of the championship game.

No because our current uniforms are more badass. :punch:

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Well, you can bet your bippy they won’t be wearing the CUSA logo on them.

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