Wilner & Canzano Speak Directly With Yormark

Good stuff


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I’d appreciate it if someone could provide some bullets to outline the most interesting points.


  • Wilner and Canzano are making nice with the new boss.


Of course they are since they may be looking to work for Big 12 media outlets.

Here is a pretty extensive review the interview from a BYU Board. I’ll quote just three paragraphs from it. Go to CougarBoard and read the whole thing.

  1. Expansion - Performance, cultural fit, “I also look at time zone, and geography.” The way he said this made me think that time zone was NOT as high a priority as I have always thought. Certainly a consideration, but also, frankly, the way he discussed it here not THE priority… which makes sense, no one is talking about adding Oregon State. Few are talking about Wazzu, or Fresno State, etc… “So is it going to be additive? Is it going to fit?” But then later he does very clearly say that he has been transparent about wanting that fourth time zone.

This all came up in the Men’s BBall discussion. He’s got numbers that show men’s bball has been undervalued because it has been bundled with football. “At some point that value proposition needs to change. And I speak to that from a position of strength because we are the #1 bball conference in the country… At the right time I am sure we are going to be able to monetize that.” Recognized that Football drives the day and the moment. But very clearly wants to jump on the opportunity when it comes out to better monetize basketball. (So clearly he is thinking about whether to add Gonzaga for BBall only, but it doesn’t appear that is imminent until the right monetization model clicks into place. But certainly something he is willing to consider.)

Q: Are you targeting existing P12 schools? “I’m not targeting anyone specifically. I’ve been very transparent, deliberate and intentional that we’d like that 4th time zone to create more value with our media partners… I would like to be a national conference. 100%. We will see where we end up. It is something I think about daily. It has been part of my vision since I have been here. I’ve been very public about it.”