Windows 10

Several weeks ago, I installed Windows 10 on my PC, replacing Windows 7. The installation went very well, and the new system has been working well - except that I have had several new problems, and I am wondering if they are common.

Microsoft has automatically installed several “upgrades” since the new system has been on my computer. The first one was installed very quickly, and I had no problems afterward - except one: the sound no longer worked on my PC. I discovered that the “Default Setting” had been changed from “Speakers” to “Head Phones.” I changed it back, and the sound worked.

And then a bit later, they installed new “upgrades” which took a long time. In fact, when I went to my computer that morning, I found the following message on the screen:

“Do not turn off your computer; upgrades are in progress (48% complete); this will take a while. Your computer will restart several times.”

When all that was finished, the sound did not work again. I checked, and the PC was still set for the speakers to be the default. I then checked for the best speaker driver, and I was told that the best one was installed and working. I still had no sound!

And then last night, I was exploring around trying to fix the problem, and I found a tutorial for “Fixing sound problems on Windows 10.” I have not gotten into that yet, but I will when I have more time.

And then last night, all of a sudden, all of the icons in the Desktop at the bottom of my screen moved over to the right side of the screen. While I was looking for a way to put them back in their proper place, they moved again - this time to the left side of the screen. And then I found the place to put them back at the bottom of my screen. But - Microsoft seems to have installed a little unwanted helper into my PC, whose only job is to run around in my system, changing settings at will!

Are others having these problems? Other problems with Windows 10?

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