Winningest Teams since 2008

Coogs appear 21st on the list


Wins matter. Schools that pack their OOC schedules with patsies are rewarded. And schools who sell out for $1M to take a loss are penalized.

10 years down the road, no one cares that you played Grambling or Lamar or Texas State. They just see 3 more checks in the wins column.


Imagine if we skipped the Levine era.

Tony era was 21-17. We would be 70.6% - between Georgia and Mich St.

Houston has won 104 games since 2006.

Only 16 teams have won more.

#1 among American schools.

#2 among Texas schools behind TCU.

#3 among nonP5 schools behind Boise and BYU. And I predict we pass BYU this year.

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Actually, his last year UH was 8-4. So it didn’t effect the overall record that much. But yeah, ever since UH has had BABS as HC , UH program has taken pff.

During that same time period we were 11-6 against teams that were ranked in the top 25 and we were 3-0 against teams ranked in the top 5.

Numbers that will blow you away, since 2008:

Record against Top 25 teams:
Houston 11-6 .647 winning percentage
Texas 17-31 .354 winning percentage
Texas A&M 16-30 .347 winning percentage

Record against Top 5 teams:
Houston 3-0
Texas 2-5
Texas A&M 2-7

Who knew we had a much better record against ranked teams and had more wins against top 5 teams than UT and A&M.

Hey we are pretty good and have been for awhile.