Wisconsin fires

Their hc. Times we live in. I think they should have waited until the end of the season.

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well another coach that had huge expectations this season that got a huge extension is Mel Tucker Msu…looks like hes in the same boat as dana and wont ne let go anytime soon.

62-25 gets you canned, whew!


4 double digit win seasons out of 7 (2022 not included). 6-1 in bowls


6-1 in bowl games. Won 9+ games in 5 of the 7 seasons he coached before this year. Wisconsin better hope chryst doesn’t become their Bo Pelini

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I heard Mel Tucker touted all off-season. To the point I had to look him up to see what all the fuss was about.

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owe him $16.4M

Guy won there, getting blown out by the old coach pissed off Alvarez. He cashed in will get another job with no problem.

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They should be careful what they wish for. The guy was 56-23 or something with many 10 win seasons. Good chance they have a bit of a Nebraska like fall off.


That’s crazy. Expectations are high at Wisconsin.

Sometimes consequences kick expectations’ #%.

That guy shouldn’t have been fired. When UT canned Fred Akers they waited twelve years to find a coach that could win at that clip. A decade is a long time to ruminate on your decisions.

Unbelievable, in Houston a 21-18 record on a weak schedule gets you an extension, and a 20 million buyout.


Wisconsin had Barry alverez who was great. They prob screw up and fire this guy then go into bottom feeder status.

Everyone trying to get in on the Deion sweepstakes?

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Alvarez won 62% of his games and was barely over 53% in conference.

Chryst won 72% of his games. And 71% in conference.

Chryst should have fired Alvarez


Good point and Barry wasn’t bad but they are messing up firing this current coach

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Belly Akers. Hadn’t thought about that POS in ages.


UT jumped the shark when they showed off and fired him. David McWilliams…lolol

Barry was their best coach since and got Wisconsin out of the bottom feeder role.