With a potential Big 12 expansion decision coming next week, in some ways the conference has already lost

Sources confirmed Wednesday that pretty much all the options are on the table, including the possibility of football-only membership with Houston and BYU the most likely members. The sources also confirmed that expansion has gone from likelihood about six weeks ago to maybe a one in three chance.


If the perception is you are disfunctional, and after all the dog and pony show, do you really call a press conference to say no change and highlight the disfunction? Seems like you’d just let that news trickle out quietly. Maybe I’m just better at PR, but the thought of a no change press conference seems weird.

Bob Bowlsby, who was once praised when hired, has allowed the reputation of the conference to suffer. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him resign or get fired wether they expand or not.

I do like the fact that everything has gone silent. All the tweets here and there are just speculation. I don’t think anything is getting leaked out.

I feel for Bowlsby; a commissioner can only be as good as the schools he serves and it’s obvious that the Big 12 schools just want a fall guy in that roll. (Of course, he’s very well compensated doing what he does).

Still, a strong commissioner would help pull the conference together and Bowlsby hasn’t shown he can do that. Expansion is really a referendum on his job since he was the one that has been leading this process up until now. If he can’t pull the schools together to make a decision this next week, he deserves all the criticism heading his way.

Football only for Houston? Screw them!!!

This is just rehashed BS !!

Don’t take the click bait.

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saw this on twitter…
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Talkes to credible #Big12 media (many aren’t), and seems more likely that OU and Texas bolt. Others extend GOR and add four to get to 12.

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If this happened, what are the odds this would remain a P5 conference? This sounds exactly like what happened to the Big East.

Talkes to credible #Big12 media (many aren’t), and seems more likely that OU and Texas bolt. Others extend GOR and add four to get to 12.

I’ll take it over AAC but is that even a NY6 level conf?

I think it would cause another shake up. You’d see it go to 4 super conferences…big XII would go the way of the Big East…

Take the money while it’s there to be taken.

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If OU and UT bolted they could add UH, Cincy, UCF and UConn to the B12 and keep right on trucking. You’d be adding four large markets, two recent major bowl winners and a recent mens BB national champion. If you could swap Memphis for Iowa St all the better. Even without that you’d have a conference that is every bit as good as the ACC and the Pac12.

(New B12 - UH, TTech, BU, TCU, OkSt, KU, KSU, WVU Cincy, UCF, UConn, and ISU or Memphis)

Swaim isn’t credible;been wrong many times before.

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