With Basketball back to Blue Blood Status

Realistically what heights do you think football can get to and at what heights would you be satisfied?

Personally if football was a fixture in the top 25 and every fourth year won the Big 12 and finished in the top 10 I would be satisfied. Plus I think that is very doable.


Going forward, top 25 should be a minimum expectation. New Year’s 6 should be the norm.


Should be in the mix for B12 titles every year, like OU was. We have the resources now to do it


I love our Coogs… But we gotta win one to be a blue blood.


NY6 and regular conference championships are my expectations.


No, we will need more than 1 in BB. There is known and then there is blue blood. Connecticut has 4 titles. Cincinnati has 2, Florida has 2. Some school in the same state as Duke has 2. I wouldn’t consider them blue bloods. In BB, it takes titles and sustained excellence (final fours, elite eights.) We’re definitely headed in the right direction.

In football, a series of NY6 bowls,3 or 4 in a row, 5 out of 7 gets us on the map. But to be a blue blood, we’ll need 10-15 years with an appearance in NY6 bowls. Think Miami, they were a blue blood for a while, but not anymore.


I’ll co-sign that.

No disrespect, but there’s no such thing as a blue blood that has never won a title…

Go Coogs


Semantics…we are clearly a top 15 program in a sport that has 300+ teams. If Blue Blood wigs everyone out, lets call us elite. .

I agree with elite… But blue blood, which I do hate as an expression, is a different thing… Blue blood is like royalty… Literally, that’s where the expression comes from. And you gotta wear the crown to be royalty.

So, elite it is… I’ll co-sign that as well.

Go Coogs


We are a Princeling in waiting to be King.


I want that championship banner in my garage studio hanging next to my PHI SLAMA JAMA banner!


Need a CFP appearance every once in awhile now that we are in big 12

I’m not sure you can say our basketball is a blueblood, but definitely a perennial power especially after 3 consecutive years of tournament deep runs.

Football has to do what OU has done by winning conference and making the playoffs year after year to be a perennial power.


Undefeated.Season. :grin:

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Yep but is Baylor a blue blood?

Not in my opinion… They’re elite… Like us.

With our entire resume AND a championship I think we could makee a better argument to be considered blue blood than Baylor.

No, and we’re not either. There are only a few true bluebloods, probably Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, and UNC. UCLA is on the verge of earning that distinction again. Not sure anyone else qualifies.


Agree there are very few so called blue bloods in every sport.

I would agree that UCLA is very close to earning that distinction once again.

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