With Houston-Rice rivalry, a small amount of life and normalcy return to Houston

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3 ESPN articles in one week? Is there a P5 invite we should know about?

Does anyone know what part of campus is in the picture of the tarps and construction? My guess is the UC Satellite or whatever it’s called now.

It’s considered cool to be focused on Houston right now. I mentioned earlier that I think that most on the national level will want UH to get the non-P5 auto bid if they can take care of business on the field and end with no more than 1 loss assuming it is not a “bad” loss.

Harvey aftermath
Ed Oliver
Applewhite name is widely known and seems likeable
Kyle Allen story is also one that is not unfamiliar to people

It would make for a good story so, if the resume of UH is even close to another non-P5, I think the public sentiment will help push for UH to get the nod.

Too bad they didn’t bring Gameday here this week or next week (Times Square…really?)


Maybe UH at USF? Hurricane Bowl?

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If both are undefeated, there may be a chance:

Best games that week are.

  • Penn State at Ohio State
  • UCLA at Washington
  • Georgia-Florida
  • Oklahoma State-West Virginia

Louisville vs Clemson

Pretty sure they are not playing that game twice during the season

espitty is scum. I have no other description for it. They prefer and rather engage in politics than sports. This great network has become trash. disney wants it that way. That is obvious and yes they will pay and are paying the consequences.
The disney company and espitty had a chance to do something special for all of America to see. rice vs U of H should have been today’s story. They could have held a 24 hrs telethon for the Harvey and Irma victims. Instead they are in Louisville. Nothing against Louisville but this is a clear message that disney/espitty does not give a damn. Mother nature is bigger than sports. When things happen you adapt and plan accordingly. espitty is no longer a real network.
When the entertainment industry held a telethon a few days ago they raised $44M. JJ Watt alone has raised $37M+ that tells you everything. Tinseltown is completely disconnected from the real America.
Let’s not pander to them and ask them to come a few weeks later. ****TODAY WAS THE DAY AND YOU MISSED IT.