With no sports on TV

I have been fascinated with the NBA channel and the games from the 70’s. We certainly have seen the basketball players become better athletes but they aren’t better shooters than the players in the 70’s. It wasn’t above the rim but the shots were incredible.

Is there a three point line?

No, no 3 pt line. But some of play near the basket is brilliant. Its not over powering and above the rim. There are moves current day players should study.

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Too bad they aren’t running the Vitalis One on One tournament. Used to run at halftime of the game of the week.

Holy guacamole I forgot about the vitalis tournament.

But enjoy Bob Lanier v JoJo White:

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The best one was Bob McAdoo vs Connie Hawkins. Just amazing.

We would all gather just to watch Vitalis. It was the best

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Chris I completely forgot about this. Does anyone even play one on one in the driveway anymore?


Other than lawnmower racing, there is nothing on ESPN as good as what ABC’s Wide World Of Sports used to throw out to us every Saturday.


Amish rake fighting?

Yeah the 70’s were good in the NBA but are also consider the weakest era during NBA history; mainly because of the ABA and no dominant team winning championships during that era. Lack of 3 pt line didn’t help either. Once Magic and Bird came along it helped revived the NBA.

Yep, plus they had a rampant drug problem. I would argue that the the NBA in the 70’s was also tainted by the times. It was a predominantly african American league before America was really ready for a predominately african american league.

There were great players in 70’s though. Dr. J, Kareem, Jerry West, Bob Mcadoo…

Umm…Elvin Hayes?

Sorry, yes the Big E and Otis Birdsong.

  1. I forgot all about this tournament.
  2. Would players today even do something like this?
  3. Bill Russell’s AT&T commercials were awesome.
  4. I miss Keith Jackson.
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I do. It’s me vs my gut. Gut usually wins.


That was entertaining. They have got to bring those one on ones back.

Does anybody remember Hakeem and Shaq were supposed to have a one on one, there was even a tie in with taco bell. It got cancelled for some reason

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Egos and feelings would get in the way these days. Prior to the 2000’s, players would take an ass beating on the court like a man and not be all bent out of shape about it. These days, you can’t do anything that might hurt your marketing image. Different times I suppose.