WKU and Rick Stansbury

Don’t know if y’all have heard, but Western Kentucky got a 5* commit this week and is also in the running for a couple of high profile transfers… Idk what facilities WKU has, but they can’t be better than the ones we have. Makes me wonder why we can’t land elite guys from the high school ranks, but western Kentucky can?

They were able to grab Mitchell Robinson because Rick Stansbury recruited him at A&M and was hired to coach Western Kentucky. Stansbury has been a great recruiter throughout his career and has landed a number of stars wherever he’s been. As far as Western Kentucky, they have the 14th most wins all-time in NCAA history and have been to a Final Four. Since 2000, they’ve had less than 20 wins 4 times in that span and only once did they have a losing record while making 7 NCAA Tournaments, 3 second rounds, and a Sweet Sixteen appearance.

Their attendance has been in about our range and their facilities are 50 years old with some renovation. A situation much like ours (although their renovation in 2002 is basically what we’re doing now so they are a little ahead).

So, it looks like they were able to land Williams due to Stansbury taking over. We’ll see if the commit sticks; long way to go and he already decommitted from A&M. Hell, we basically had Jarrett Allen until Shaka Smart entered the picture at UT. Recruits are starting to try to find the rights situations now to showcase themselves; may be a new trend.

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