Women’s March Madness Final Four

I predict that the Women’s final four will get higher ratings / viewership than the Men’s.

Caitlin Clark alone is amazing to watch. Check out highlights below, she is a monster.


No it won’t lol. Mens FF ratings will be way down but still better than womens. Last year it was 10.7 to 3.6. Okay so maybe it goes to 8 to 5 or something but still won’t be very close. Seriously who even knows who’s in it and when it is? I literally have no idea.


My Lady Hawkeyes handling their business!

Clark is in a zone.

I don’t see the women’s final four getting more viewership.


I know who is in it - should be the two SEC powers (South Carolina and Kim Mulkey’s LSU team), Iowa and then the 4th team will be either Virginia Tech (the 1 seed in that region) or Ohio State. So it’s probably going to be 4 powers and 4 teams from power conferences.

But yeah, the ratings are still going to be a fraction of the men’s games. And unless South Carolina is upset, you may have two more lopsided wins for them.

Even though the men’s games don’t feature big names, the programs are all good (30 win teams) and there have been some terrific games in the past couple of rounds. Miami was the ACC regular season champ (at least co-champ) and UConn was a top 4 team in what I think was the best conference. Maybe the only issue is the Final Four won’t have superstar players. And that FAU/SDSU game will be all defense, and very little offense.


go out and ask the first 10 people you meet to name one team in the women’s final four, then one team in the men’s final four.

maybe that woman is fantastic but doesnt mean anyone watched. rebecca lobo was one of the best college women of all time. i imiagine nearly no men’s ncaa fans ever saw her games.

South Carolina is dominant this year. They haven’t been challenged, and they’re not gonna be. The Women’s tournament this year is a foregone conclusion, and that makes it feel sort of pointless.

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It won’t happen at this point in time.

Tying into this, the cheapest all-session tickets for the women’s final four are nearly $600 right now on Seatgeek and for the men it’s $165. Of course NRG being much larger than AA Arena plays into it, but that’s still amazing.

Idk if it will outdo either of the men’s semifinal games, but if Iowa-South Carolina is a competitive game that can build on it’s audience throughout the game and get buzz on social media, it’s going to do some extremely good numbers.

The people want to see Caitlin Clark!

Uh…is the media talking nonstop about the Women’s beackets and how everyone has a busted bracket?

Snow bunnies got it like that, eh
th (4)

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Brings a whole new meaning to double bonus and double team.


Women’s final drew 9.9 million viewers. Some of these replies in this thread look pretty silly.

The woman’s game has improved a lot, and the 191 tournament points for the Iowa guard was impressive, but I still find it hard to watch, The officiating was horrindous and the athleticism still not D1 IMO.