Women's BBall AAC Championships

No talk about it? I am not a big fan of women’s basketball but following to support UH. Took down ECU in the first game, have UCF tonight at 7:30.



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With thanks to Kris, updated bracketology.


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Tonight seems like a win and we are in game. Might still make it with a loss, but this game is huge.

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We beat ECU, but it was a ugly game ,our bigs will make your head explode with their lack of basic basketball skills, very disappointing. If they don’t play better tonight, the game will be over early, just don’t see us having much of a chance to win tonight, but i’ll be watching (EPSN+) gee whiz, we really miss Blackshell-Fair and Dymond Gladney.

Under the category of what were we doing:
Tatyana Hill pulling a opponents hair as she is running down the court, almost starting a brawl
Our players taking three shots in the last 1+ min of the game without working the clock, when we were
up by 6, giving ECU 3 chances to score.
Highlight of the game was a crucial off rebound and put back by Miya Crump, the announcers went crazy, call it a GROWN WOMEN rebound. The young lady got some hops and long arms.


Good win by the ladies. Ill be watching them tonight. It will be tough. I think its a bad match up for us. Inwould rather have played USF. Either way it goes this program is on the rise.

39-61 loss. 15-36 at half.