Women's Golf 2022 AAC Conference Championship

Women are currently in the lead by 8 strokes, weather delay today for round 2. Abelar tied for the lead overall.



Wow!!! I’m assuming Pinehurst #6 is pretty tough?

I would bet it is, description for the course makes it seem pretty tough. 16-18 must be tough because we struggled there today and fell to only a 4 stroke lead, but then Memphis got to those holes and dropped like a rock. Finished 2nd round up 6 strokes on 2nd place UCF. Tomorrow’s final round is on ESPN+


Good re-cap. Will be watching tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me know that. Gives me something to look forward to. Amazing the pro broadcast options streaming gives us.


Haven’t played 6 (played 2, 4, and 8). Tough weather the first few rounds. Coogs have a 5 shot cushion heading as they are about to start heading into the back 9. 4 players currently sitting at +2 for the day.

Looks like a three-way tie with UH, Tulane, and UCF +26.

On TV it looks just like #2.

Just lost the lead.

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Tough day for the ladies so far. Hopefully they will step it up on their last nine.

Low, can you post the link for that chart?
I can’t find it on golfstat

Down 3 to UCF with 6 to go.

For some reason I can’t get the link to paste. Try these, and see if that works for you.


The finish is hard to watch for the Coogs. Nerves getting to a few of them.

Do they throw out any on the team stats? Or does everyone count?

I believe it is the top four. Could be wrong as it used to be a tad different.

Finished a disappointing 2nd to Tulane, who benefited from an earlier tee time, but still played great today, beating the Clogs by 15 strokes.

From the last six holes that I watched, it appears that their putting deserted them when they needed the most. Lots of missed opportunities on and around the green. :frowning:

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Tough day for them. Maybe over thinking shots, greens probably faster than previous round, maybe just tired, idk. Even with the bad day, Abelar finishes tied for 4th and Maria Jose Martinez also grabs a top 10 finish tied for 7th.

I assume we are a bubble team being ranked 64th? Hopefully this conference tournament bumped us up some.

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Hopefully espn will have more cameras for the mens’ tournament. Not complaining as this was a welcome treat for a Tuesday morning. Just would like to follow more than one twosome at a time.

I played #2 back in 2004. Hard as ###. How do you lose three golf balls when there’s no ### water!?

#6 looked real cranky today and I could see the wind swirling.

One of the problem with Women’s team since it initial years is way to many choke jobs on the last day. The AAC Championship was another example of this ongoing problem.

The women’s program has only been fielding a full team since 2014, and in that time has 8 tournament titles, 3 conference championships, and 7 regional appearances. I think they’ll be fine.


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