Wonder why?

Wonder why Navy gets called for a block below the waist and we lose Big Ed for most of the game from a block below the waist ? ? ? ? ? Just curious . . . . .

I’m not watching but probably there was another OL engaged high and one low. The Temple TE was alone and was either dirty or used poor technique to directly hit Ed’s knee.

That was a purposeful call and a purposeful hit. Line let Oliver go free and the TE came over and took out his knee. Just a dirty, dirty play called by Temple.


Isn’t it legal inside the tackle box but not outside?

What are the rules in college football regarding cut blocks on the line of scrimmage?

And as a former offensive lineman, backup High School offense of lineman that is, I don’t have a problem with cut blocks but you should hit them below the knee not freaking right on the knee.

My understanding is that you can’t have one person blocking high and then perform a cut block by a second person. Then it becomes a chop block and penalty.

It’s dirty, but the question was why wasn’t a flag thrown

If the rule is he has to be engaged with another lineman then there would be no flag because nobody was blocking Ed when he took the blow to the knee.

Honestly I don’t know what the rule is though

Rule is he has to be engaged or he basically has to be outside the tackle box.

Unfortunately, the play is legal, just dirty as hell.


D-lineman should be coached that if nobody is blocking you, it usually is for a reason. Traps and pulling blockers happen all the time.

Flying up the field got Clowney in trouble in his 2nd year when he got to play more. TE’s would come from the other side of the formation and he wouldn’t see the hit coming.

Oliver has a natural aggressive nature that has caused many TFL’s. But it can also be used against him.

Another way to say it is, it’s a legal block. No penalty.