Worst Case EVENT on BIG12 Expansion

What could happen, 99% positive it will not happen, is that the BIG12 causes FOX/ESPN to think outside of the box and go anti BIG EAST immediately.

They take the money that would be required by contract to the BIG12 if 4 teams are added and use it to destroy the BIG12.

  • Behind the scenes FOX/ESPN, etc. work to see the following happen in 2018 season.

Kansas goes to the B1G.
Oklahoma and Okla. St. to the SEC.
Kansas St., Iowa St, and possibly Texas Tech (IF they are wanted) to the PAC12.
W. Virginia goes to the ACC.

That would be 7 out of 10 teams. They possibly could do this before the new teams play their 1st BIG12 game.

We saw what happened before UH played their first BE game. It became their first AAC game and was the 1st and last BCS AQ conference year. Rutgers and Louisville left the next season and the BIG 6 conferences became the P5.

UT has been ruling, bulling, and forcing it will on the remaining BIG12 teams since the creation of the BIG12. All the BIG12 school Presidents know that UT is forcing UH on them just to get an easier path to the creation of the UT-Houston campus.

If the Presidents of Iowa St, Kansas St., Kansas, Oklahoma St., Oklahoma, and W. Virginia start getting call/meetings with executives from FOX/ESPN,etc. about behind the scene deals that would allow offers from the BIG (Kansas), SEC (Oklahoma, Oklahoma St.) and PAC12 (Kansas St. and Iowa St.), would they listen.

This would be the end of the BIG12 regardless of what UT, TCU, Baylor or TTech wanted. Adding four teams from those mentioned would not keep the BIG12 at P5 level.

The ESPN/FOX, etc. would add other teams and create the Super Four conferences to sell/renegotiate contracts with advertisers and would have a true 4 conference NCAA FB Championship playoff.

Best of all, the down trodden, abused, ignored, stepped on former BIG8 schools would be able to tell the mighty UT “BYE” just like former BIG8 schools Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri did. Plus add Texas A&M to the departed.

While reading posts on some of the BIG12 sites I see a common topic.
The extinction of the BIG12 after the GOR expires. Everyone expects OU and UT to leave.

But what if ESPN/FOX and other media uses the money being demanded by the BIG12 because it is in the contract if they expand to 2 or 4, and use it as incentive to the B1G, SEC, PAC12, and the ACC.Invest in destroying the BIG12 while making the remaining super conferences worth much more in value.

99% sure this will not happen. But if they had some really smart executives, well…

I think it would take a lot more money than they’d have to pay out via expansion to make that happen. Outside of Kansas, UT, and OU there isn’t much value in the other 7 which means they’d be paying out a lot of money to get conferences to take on the other 4.

ACC has no interest in WV, they had opportunities to take them and passed every time. SEC won’t take them either as they don’t offer what the SEC is looking for.

PAC 12, might (might) take Tech, but they’d have no interest in K State or Iowa St as they don’t fit the profile at all. Neither would TCU or Baylor.

SEC might take Okie State if it meant getting OU, but I’m not sure OU wants to go there not if they want to be tied to the Pokes. OSU has no other suitors, again, academics are a problem.

Big East was basically dead when Miami left as there was no other prime school left. Just got killed later when the others were able to leave. Different situation in Big12 with UT/OU still there.

LOL … well if you don’t have any callers from the media … those daytime soap operas could use you talents.

And if Carol Burnett was still around … her As The Stomach Turns could have used some new writers.


Could be worse, could not get picked up by the Big 12 while the AAC gets nothing for a new TV deal thanks to the new economy in cable TV, forcing the AAC to disband into regional conferences…like UH which finds a new home in a south/east Texas bus league. Rivalries include UTSA, Sam Houston State, UT-Dallas, UT-Tyler, and UT-Houston. We buy Baylor’s used tarps to tarp off the upper deck at TDECU because we can’t afford our own.

Then WHY does ESPN hate us sooo much???!

No offense, but this post is highly delusional. Kansas St. ISU, and TTU in the Pac 12 are Koo Koo bananas. Come on dude.

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This is the most unbelievable scenario ever. ESPN/Fox are obligated to pay if Big12 adds 2, 4, or 10 teams. They cannot destroy the conference. Also, how is ESPN going to make other conferences take all these teams you listed? Man, none of that makes any sense.

This stuff has been spinning out of control for a while. Looks like it just shifted into second gear. Everybody tighten your seat belts.

I think the NCAA limits conferences to 16 teams. That said, it would be stupid for the Big 12 to sue its TV Partners. Next time around, ESPN and Fox won’t bid for the Big 12 contract. Other potential suitors will be willing to pay less due to a “lawsuit discount”. Even if ESPN and Fox bid, they’ll have the same “lawsuit discount”. It isn’t wise to sue the sports broadcast industry when you’re dependent on the revenues they provide. And if ESPN and Fox have made something clear, it is that they won’t pay $80 million.

That’s false, at least generally speaking. The Big East had 17 members from 2005-2012.

16 all sport schools…lot of those Big East schools were BB only members

They were non-football, not basketball-only. And I have no clue why the NCAA would delineate at 16 all-sport members as opposed to 16 members for a given sport.

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