Would UH take a $15MM offer from PAC12?

I think the main thing that hurts teams like UH is not money, but not being able to play for a National Championship. We can get better recruit with just that line. Our spend should not go up.

Obviously but the Pac has to actually make an offer first.

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This could fall into the scenario I threw out of the PAC adding football only teams at $12-15 million a year. I would say for sure we would take it. Still not much of a reason for the PAC to do it.

Actually, any entry into a P4 would begin with reduced payouts. Nay to any permanent uneven revenue sharing. Totally corrosive idea.


I think we’ve learned over the last 24-48 hours the level of involvement by ESPN. This is being driven by ESPN’s desire to increase the SEC’s value and dissolve the Big 12. This is to all benefit ESPN financially.

ESPN will highly discourage any other conference from expanding which will disrupt their plans. The PAC is not in a financial position of strength and definitely wants a better tv deal in the future. As such the PAC is unlikely to get involved in this round of realignment and run the risk of running afoul of ESPN

We are learning more everyday which makes the realignment options (for UH particularly) clearer

Redcat…you need a quick refresher course. Our Administration subsidizes our Athletic Department to the tune of over $30 Mil annually…it is not only P5 but the money that it brings. No conference is going to give us less than the other members.

Either we get to the next level when the shift comes or our Athletics will not be the same and major cuts will happen. Unfortunately realsville!!!


I think it depends on how well you draw and the eyeballs you bring. If the value of UH goes up, then the pay goes up in the next contract.

Once you can recruit on par with P5, hold onto coaches, the value increases.

Uneven distribution is a terrible idea. That is the subject of the thread. No deal.

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The Pac should look at teams like UH and Cinci and give them performance-based contracts. Attendance, eyeballs, academic improvements, etc. These schools are like an investment.


Damn right.

I’d invite the 10,000 majorettes to every game.

All of this stuff is driven from the top down, not so much from the league level.