Would you change the Texas outcome?

Say we don’t get screwed, force OT and win (or better yet win in regulation by going for 2). Would you rather that have happened and keep Dana (presumably) or would you keep history the same and see the T-sips/Whorn make the playoffs while getting rid of Dana?

That’s a really tough call but I’d rather win that game and have bragging rights and surely deny Whorn a trip to the playoffs.


Even if Dana won that game, I still don’t think he keeps his job. The losses to Rice, Cincinatti, OSU and UCF puts Dana over the edge to get fired.

That being said, using your rules no I wouldn’t change anything about the Texas game.

Also I still don’t think the Longhorns get in.

  1. Washington
  2. Michigan
  3. Alabama
  4. Georgia or FSU
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Beat ut and keep Dana. 100%.


They will get in.

Yup Texa$ already paid off the committee just like the refs


And where is the playoff order being decided? What state?

It’s time to get back to playing championship football. Playing the spoiler role is for losers. Had we beat UT, Dana would have thrown an epic block party on his street but at the end of the day we still would have been a 5-7 team. The program is better off today than it was a week ago.


I hate that there is a “committee” that decides this.


They are in Dallas, I believe.

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Grapevine (i.e. outside the DFW airport). My questions were rhetorical.

Take the win.

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Oh, so you’d rather have the good old days when the bowls, polls and/or a random formula decided it. They are the lesser of two evils at worst.

Yeah I think I prefer BCS or just the top two ranked in the country as opposed to a committee of friends of friends of certain schools. What I really would like is for a true playoff system like they have in the fcs.

Which decided to take Nebraska over a Colorado team that routed them just two weeks prior in 2001. Not to mention the controversy with Washington, Miami and Florida State, the latter of which was at the end of the transitive logic chain. Yeah, I’m certainly feenin’ for those days.

And nothing is stopping FBS teams from dropping down and participating in that “true” playoffs.

They should do a true playoffs like the fcs.

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They might get to that point one day, although that’s not realistic. They may do a true playoffs after dropping half of FBS (including perhaps us).

Nah, I think it would end up hurting their big brands and so that’s probably why they don’t do that.

Yeah, committees can be biased and paid. Computers can’t.

I don’t see how Texas gets in. It’ll just be the same top 4 slightly rearranged after tonight.

Georgia would get in over Texas and 'Bama? The transitive property is idiotic yet here is relevant, and Georgia is at the end of the chain among contenders:

Texas>@ Alabama>Georgia

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Always take the win.

Making a change at head coach doesn’t guarantee success. It’s fine to look for a silver lining in a loss, but I’d never trade a win for a coaching change, especially against UT. Not because it keeps them out of the playoff, but because winning is the point.