Would you go to Ireland to see the Coogs

Heck of a road trip.They expect 13000 American fans and a sellout. Contract is for the next five years. I have to admit its the only reason I’m interested in the game Saturday,


I would love to, but for a family four a trip like this can easily be like $6k in tickets only. And during football season kids are back in school, so would never work for me.

We can’t get people to come to our games in Houston much less Ireland wow


Amazing input Debbie

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It’s the truth and u know it, just stating facts


I would 1000% go, bring my wife, subsequently embarrass her by getting drunk on Guinness/Tullamore Dew, and fighting any Irish who asked ‘what’s a cougar?’.

But seriously, this would be in the rarified air of once in a lifetime opportunities to see UH play there. I think that’s why it would likely be pretty well attended by our fanbase.


If I could afford it.


No would rather go play Hawaii if you have to spend that kind of money

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Would love to but no. Can’t do it.

YES - I would go.

Most Cougar Fans:
-I’m busy
-Ireland, no but if it was in XXXX, then I’d be all in
-Can’t afford the (a) time off (b) money
-kids sports
-weather that time of year is no good
-don’t like to fly
-getting married
-getting divorced
-brother getting married
-brother getting divorced
-boycotting because of _______
-too early
-too late
-too hot
-too cold
-too crowded
-not enough fans
-they’re (the opponent) gonna kill us; we have no chance
-we never play any good teams
-have to take care of older relative
-have young kids to tend to
-all my kids are grown so all my vacations are to see them

the list of Coog excuses is long and tired


Just have fun with the topic instead. The reality is our fans show up to big games. If you were in Atlanta you saw more Coogs fans than FSU fans. The reality is plenty of our fans travel. The reality is we have a lot of faithful fans. Besides that, just have fun with the topic, they are playing in two days. Are you interested in a college game in Ireland. If not then move along


So you take it upon yourself to make fun of us who couldn’t afford a trip like that? Someone pay my way and we would gladly go.
Until then I will continue to be a season ticket holder and make the out of town games I can afford lol…


I didn’t realize it would he such a divisive topic

Coogs in Ireland would be amazing, I’d for sure do that. The basketball team will be taking another trip out of the country this time next year, I plan on traveling over that depending on where it’s at. (Italy again fingers crossed)


Being an ole Irish Mick myself, I would love to go if I can afford it.


Alright rich guy. Pony up the few thousand bucks it costs and I’ll go.


I would go for sure and see also the Irish National Parks in that trip.
Ireland has some amazing walks.


Would the tickets be included in our season tickets?

Hey Coogs, what if the opponent was Notre Dame?

We might be out numbered.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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