Wow! I never realized this guy grew up in Houston!

The movie was hillarious. Nice find.

Have to add this to my bucket list…

he said. “I have to go to Goode Company Taqueria. I have to have the mesquite grilled chicken sandwich, like that’s a done deal. There’s nothing like Tex-Mex—I don’t bother eating Mexican food anywhere but Texas.”

Sorry, I’m running on a late lunch today, so that’s all I care about at the moment.

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I may have to try that as well. Love Goode Co BBQ.

I wonder if I ever bumped into him, I frequented those exact same books stores. But not Goode Company Taqueria, even back then, it was just meh.

I still hit up the Brazos, they have a very good architecture section, sometimes when I pick up my coffee beans from House of Coffee Beans.

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I too feel the same way, it is meh. Goode Company BBQ is legit.