Wow - Larry Brown ejects

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That is nuts. SMU wouldn’t give him a long term contract according to Rothstein.

ESPN says the same.

I predicted this. It is his MO.

He has been there 3 years, time to move on.

He will get someone else on probation soon enough. I’m not sure but isn’t he a perfect three for three?

I wonder if they were banking on him leaving if he didn’t get the extension so they didn’t have to fire him.

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Shocking, Larry Brown gonna Larry Brown

Jankovich is a bit of a step down for SMU; he coached North Texas from '93-'97 compiling a 53-57 record over 4 seasons. Illinois State gave him a chance in '07-'12 where he went 104-64 in 5 seasons, making 4 NITs, but never making it into the tournament. After the 2012 season, he left to become the SMU coach-in-waiting under Larry Brown.

SMU, maybe no this year, but will probably not be the power it had become under Brown. Watch the recruits and transfers, especially as we have been recruiting many of the same guys that SMU has.

Wow. Major step down. It reminds me when UH hired James Dick-ey.

You cannot hire Larry Brown…only rent him.

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