Wow! Mart v Gruver

Mart has 63 points in the first half. Not passing either. Kid just set a record with 6 TDs in a half. On the ground! Remarkable



Mart is a very small town about 18 miles outside of Waco but they have some athletes every year. We signed Zamar Kirven from Mart last year.


Glad to see my hometown team c/o 02 win back to back! Go Panthers!

Gruver a Sealy-type town of 1100 … is at the very tip top of the Texas panhandle … 30 miles from Kansas and closer to Denver than to Dallas

Gruver was TOTALLY outclassed out manned and out everything … they couldn’t stop Mart’s #4 Horne who ran practically the same play SIX TIMES … counter pulling 2 guards for so many TDs I quit counting …

Gruver’s QB supposedly has been recruited by TT … the zorro wannabe’s will probably want to take the scholarship back … the QB was inconsistent and terrible … he should just stick with engineering in the land of scorpions and jack rabbits tumbleweeds and forget football …