Writers and KU making this all about them

Reading what is written on various sites and stated by commentators. It is all about Kentucky playing a really outmanned smaller but gritty Houston team. Somehow in a whole season no one except for a few get the fact that is really not about whether or not Corey Davis can have a hot shooting night but whether or not Kentucky can stand up to(as the former Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson called it, “40 minutes of Hell”. I think that Richardson’s teams who played in your face defense is the best comparison for our team. I keep hearing about how much taller their players are than ours. But the reality is that KY is about 8 men deep and that is it. This is not a one and done team of NBA players except for Washington(if he plays) and he is actually in his second year at Kentucky. It is a bunch of really good freshmen and sophs who are taller than our guys. But I don’t know if they have played against the buzzsaw defense that Houston turns on at different times of the game.


THIS is exactly the narrative we want and probably the one Calipara loathes.

When I first saw subject Title thought it was about Kansas-- KU.

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Let them keep dismissing us. The bookies aren’t as they have us as only 2.5 point underdogs.

I want Kentucky to think this is going to be a walk in the park.

Coach Cal will talk us up as the best team he’s seen on tape this year. As he should. Coach Sampson won’t use the “us against the world mentality,” I don’t think. The players probably already internally use that as motivation anyway. Coach always says worry about what you can control, your effort, intensity and toughness. WHEN we “shock the world” this weekend, the basketball universe may call it an upset…but we’ll have known it could happen all along.


I like your confidence.

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