WVU president Gordon Gee eyes Big 12 expansion ‘discussions’


Words words words delusion words words words dysfunction words.

– E. Gordon Gee

We may expand; we may not. I may get my way with regard to new members; I may not. We may have a championship game; we may not. Same ole; same ole!

And this guy has the gaul to say they are NOT DISFUNCTIONAL?

Well, you could have fooled me! :angry:

Greed…that’s all it is. The Big 12 has played this out publicly and methodically to try and extract as much money as possible from TV sources, expansion candidates, the mailman, etc.

Honestly, anything could happen in that room on Monday to include stringing this process out even longer. Really depends on how much the presidents are willing to compromise when face to face.

Interesting foursome that Gee supposedly supports: UCONN, Cincy, BYU and…Tulane. Guessing he’s looking at markets outside of the current footprint, but Tulane? The same school that when added to the Big East, the Catholic 7 then bolted?

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do you people seriously think that a president would tell a newspaper who he supports??? Cmon, thats just some writer stirring it…NO WAY Gee actually said that…Writers can say whatever at this point, and do…

Hah, no. Agree with you that reporters basically throw out who they want to see or may have heard someone mention at some point.

It’s just like Brett McMurphy telling some podcast yesterday that he doesn’t think the Big 12 will expand because no one offers anything to it. The biggest problem with this whole process is that college football writers (who have no real knowledge of anything outside of college football) are the main ones reporting on the process. They take comments by Dana Dimel and Mike Gundy as important tidbits when they don’t mean anything to the presidents voting.

KU basketball coach, Bill Self actually had a good comment yesterday in an interview in that expansion could go any which way, but he knows about as much as anyone else because the president hadn’t talked to him about it. Of course, I saw somewhere that “Self believes Big 12 will expand with football only” as a headline when that wasn’t what he said (he had mentioned that it was an option just like expanding by 2 or 4 or by none could also happen). Even Dimel came out after the fact and said that his comments were taken out of context and he would have no problem if UH ended up in the Big 12.

CFB writers are basically on par with the National Enquirer; they are just trying to get clicks on publicity on themselves. In the end, none of them know anything - remember, not one reporter knew that the presidents would pursue expansion in July as all were predicting otherwise…even minutes before the announcement.

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Gordon Gee and Dr. Khator seem to have a good relationship going back a ways.

Gee has never publicly stated who he is for; but he has stated he is for expansion. I think sportswriters get this wrong because they misunderstand where the power lies: they focus on the sports figures and not the politicians. Every realignment has had political maneuverings go on behind the scenes that drive things. This time is no different.

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Isn’t it nice that any time we read an article or blog, we have to automatically assume at best all quotes are out of context, and at worst, it’s full of crap and completely made up. How the heck are we supposed to get actual news anymore???

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I do not expect us to be selected to join the Big 12. That way I can keep my sanity when it doesn’t happen. If we do get in, then I can be happy to have been wrong.

We’ve seen this movie before, and it always ends the same way.


I feel like Tulane could make sense… if UH was involved.

I think it could go either way. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens, I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen. I just don’t think it is a done deal either way.

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Expansion? It’s hardly worth the effort to follow. Wake me uo when something happens.

Gordon Gee looks like that guy in the tax commercials.

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That one from the infomercial that comes on at two in the morning and dresses like the Riddler?

Holy crap! He does. Quick, call the Batman.

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Or this guy from the H&R Block commercials?

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yep, that’s the guy.

I’m shocked he’s even considering adding a bunch of Little Sisters of the Poor

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I think all we can really learn from this is unless you are James Bond (or Gordon Gee if you are reading this, please vote for us you magnificent, sexy bastard) bow ties are kind of ridiculous.

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you ARENT supposed to get any actual news, 2002! No one knows a thing except the prez’s and god only knows what they might do…Any other competently run confernce would have had a meeting, voted for expansion and the first you know is when bids were extended…SEE Big 10…that is NOT how Big 12 does things.

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