WVU president Gordon Gee foresees realignment, but no problems for Mountaineers


Will the ACC want them after UT and OU leave the B12? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

2 million dollars tv revenue for Houston a year is an insult. compare to Pittsburgh or Miami which brought in estimated 35 million per school last year. At what point do you start considering regime change in UH administration if UH cannot drive 15-20 million tv revenue. My apologies for the blasphemous talk.

Gordon, you keep right on whistling as you cross that graveyard; but whatcha gonna do when the conference your are in is down to about 5 members - or less?

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What does the current regime at UH have to do with TV revenue? At this point, we have no control over whether or not the P5 invite us or not or whether our coaches decide to leave or not. All we can do is continue to put ourselves in a position to be considered, which this regime certainly has.


Only way to get that type of revenue is the be in a major conference. We should be optimistic be optimistic about it but saying that it’s a done deal that we will eventually get a P5 invite simply isn’t realistic. I’m not saying that we won’t but it’s still unfortunately probably a long shot at least at this point.

Looking at it this way. Forget conference affiliations. A corporation that brings in a pitiful 2 million tv yearly revenue in the 8th largest television market while spending 6 million dollars yearly in football alone would immediately fire its CEO. At some point you have to stop pointing at the boggie man (UT and Aggies) and start looking internally as to why this great institution cannot show value for a storied institution in the fourth largest city in the country. Rutgers, with dismal athletics was able to demonstrate this easily with BIG10, why is it impossible for UH to replicate a fraction of this.

Rutgers is the state flagship school.

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Maybe you should apply for the job !

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I find it rather interesting that two P5 programs are already “pimping” their institutions. Both must be aware of some serious rumblings and want to “massage” their image as much as they can. Only “insecure” leaders can come out publicly this way. Some could interpret it as trying to cement the small 12 or knowing that the small 12 is indeed imploding in a few years. Either way this is not a good sign for all mentioned.

LOL…this is terrible logic, there is so much wrong with your statement, it would take me half an hour to address every point.


That’s way too simplistic.

it’s not a free and open market. Otherwise, tons of teams would be pulling up conference stakes and going it as an independent–or starting a new conference–or whatever.


I get your point, and in the business world, it makes sense. Problem is, there isn’t a sure thing that can come in and lead us to where we need to go any better than what’s in place. 5-10 years ago, we weren’t even in the discussion when it came to joining one of the top 5 conferences. We weren’t the next big thing, we were a failed business that was on the verge of shuttering our doors. It takes time to rebuild and reshape a failed business to make it a success. Now, we are probably one of the top candidates if expansion happens; that didn’t happen overnight and can mostly be attributed to Ms. Khator.

As of right now, she, along with Aresco, are the leads with trying to forge a new TV deal. If Renu is involved, you know Tilman is throwing his weight around where he can. They’re also heavily into trying to position us where we can. As far as firing CEO’s, we sort of have done so; just at the AD position. We need winners, we need fans, we need donations and we need an AD that can deliver on all three. Pez is the right guy to give it our best shot at the moment and I think we’ll see changes.

But, it will require patience too as we can’t just up and move when we feel we’re ready. Look at BYU and how they’re struggling since they went Independent…and they’re fanbase is huge compared to ours. We have to position ourselves for 5-6 years from now and then hope that the 5 conferences decide that they’re ready to add a new member…or for whatever happens to happen. If it doesn’t, we keep plugging away on the P6 thing and hopefully get an every bigger TV contract.


Agree and it is very smart for Mrs. Khator to be involved at the TV contract level. She is making her presence felt to the networks. That only reinforces our commitment to get into a P5. The bottom line is that we have to keep this momentum and great things will happen.

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This article didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know a year ago. But I do want to address the following:

“This past week, some within the media stirred up the idea the Big 12 could add programs like Arizona and Arizona State from the struggling Pac-12.”

This is a theory that fans of Big 12 schools trot out because it makes the Big 12 seem more like the hunter rather than the hunted.They used to say the same thing about poaching Clemson and FSU from the ACC. Its flawed because it supposes that money is the only thing that matters to schools and that schools are bound to leave a conference if it promises a bigger paycheck. To that notion, I present that UNC, NC State, Virginia or Va Tech would make more money in the SEC than in the ACC. But they never hinted at leaving even before their extension of the ACC grant of rights. Why? Because they like the company of the schools in the ACC. I suspect the same would be true or AZ and ASU. I am not saying that AZ and ASU leaving is impossible. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t bet on it.

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good summary kingwood…Big 12 people live in a dream world and make a habit of ignoring harsh realitiesl