Xavier vs. Seton Hall & The Full Court Press

Went to this game earlier tonight. Xavier has two very talented players, Jones and Marshall, that wreak havoc in the half-court O but SH almost xame back and won when they started pressing with around 5 minutes left in the game. SH lost by 1 with a missed shot on the last possession.

Why do coaches wait so long to press?

It has never made sense to me why you wouldn’t press right out of the gates if you know your opponent is weak against the press.

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Can they sustain the press for the entire game?

Sometimes the timing of the press is determined by the fatigue displayed by the opponent. Just when they think they are surviving, you step up the pressure and pace and break their hearts.

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i agree with van, if you aren’t as deep as UH, pressing an entire game would be exhausting…I remember Nolan Richardson’s 40 minutes of hell back in the 80s did it…but you need a teal like ours with depth and talent that you can plug and play

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I get that pressing all game would exhaust your players, but Xavier is bad at beating it. Just seems like a weakness that could’ve been exploited much earlier in the game instead of being used to claw their way back into the game.

SH did have the ball with a chance to win so I guess that strategy sort of worked…

Go Coogs!