XFL Money Due UH

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Hope UH gets what they are owed.

Not exactly sure why anyone smart enough to have money would want to buy the XFL but there is always a buyer.

If it could help us. Good for us.

I forgot about this. Too bad for the university for it was a nice opportunity that went bad. Their product actually was entertaining.

At least the university has a leverage point if the league is acquired, but if that doesn’t happen it may not even be 10 cents on the dollar, if that. Hopefully the league is acquired for the university’s sake and can get some of its money it is owed.

We did get a nice, new carpet/field if we don’t get anything else . . . . .

True. I had forgotten about this and just noticed it was moved to “Other Sports”… :thinking:

XFL was a huge JOKE. Like most all of the wannabe pro leagues

Show us the MONEY!

They never paid us for the field

I’d guess those kind of debts went away with the bankruptcy.

Please correct me but I was told we got the new piece of@#! turf (low quality) for free since the xfl team bought it. It is my understanding that we did not spend a cent on it.

I haven’t heard anyone else say the turf was of a poor quality. Is that consensus or just your opinion?

I am actually in the business. A monofilament vs. a slit-film is IMO better. There are way better infills that we have that will cool down the turf better. This is important for our location.


Interesting. Does that impact the life-expectancy of it as well, or is it more of a quality of feel type thing?

Yes. I will respond to you as a P.M.

Ahhh… We went the government route on the turf… Lowest Bidder Wins!

No this was a “gift” from the Houston XFL team.

I meant the XFL team applied that process to buying the turf… I do know it’s hot as hell on the field at 11 am.

With the proper system we can now more or less equate the grass/field temperature. FieldTurf (our field manufacturer) unfortunately does not have these features.

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I believe UH and the xfl split the cost fire the field. Bit sure UH for paid though

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