Yanking doesn't have to mean forever for a QB

There are lots of differences between QB and every other position in any other sport and lots of different teaching techniques for each one. I get that.

In no other position does being sent to the bench mean never playing again. Other position players are allowed breathers. Maybe QBs should too. Just saying.

And why not let King, Postma and Allen take a few snaps and see who’s hot. I know that’s what practice is for but there’s practice production and there’s game production and game production is what’s put on paper.

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We have seen this movie before with Okorn and ward. Give king the reigns and watch us flourish.


Agreed. Even if the staff thinks Allen is the best QB, he did NOT have it yesterday. It was one of two problems all day. Either he overthrew the targets or he would throw where the target was at the time of the throw, not where they would be when the ball go there. He had zero anticipation yesterday. Either way, I have no idea why they stayed with him. Reminds me so much of Levine’s stubborn act.

Leading is not a given
Leading is earned
Leading is to never let go
Who exemplifies these traits?
Andre, David, Kevin, Case and Greg to name our most recent stellar QB’s hated above all to lose. At times they ran into traffic to gain that extra yard. Improvised to gain that extra yard. This is not about getting a concussion but earning the respect of the entire Team. It is time for Kyle Allen to show that. It goes a very long way on how much you give to each other. Yesterday Kyle had to “seize” the moment and it fell through his hands. Everyone says that he has all of the intangibles but does he really? There are discussions that stays private between Coaches and players. There is one that has to happen (maybe it happened already) How much do you want it son? Call me cliche but it applies to life in general.
You are in sales? How much do you want to succeed? How much do you want to blow off your quota by?
We are in sports, we love sports, we watch sports for the competition and because it is real. In the darkest moments that is when you become to learn to be a champion. I sure hope that today his eyes are seeing life differently.

Kyle Allen is very talented. He just isn’t a good fit for us. He would be great at UT.


Yep. We need a QB who is a legit threat to to scramble for yards when no one is open and add an additional dimension to the offense with the RPO. I know someone here busted on the RPO, but it works with the right personnel. KA isn’t the right guy and it makes our O too predictable.

Also, It seemed to me that he lost track of how long he had been in the pocket sometimes, especially on the fumble against a two man rush.

I agree with you 230 but I would hope that our QB would have all day against a 2 man rush.

I know, right? I should try to find video of that play and see how much time KA had before the hit. What’s considered good pass blocking? 3-4 seconds? More?

I noticed the tackle who got beat and was on the ground, I think it was Josh Jones, slapped his hand on turf just as Allen was about to get hit. In my day we called that a ‘Look Out!’ block. I wonder if he slipped.

I was an RB in Division II a LONG time ago and if I remember correctly, the O-linemen are supposed to adjust to the rush, by sliding in either direction and double teaming or something like that. On this play, our center and both guards just stood there. It was perhaps the most pathetic offensive play of the day for me.

I thought our O-line was improved over last year but after 3 games averaging 130-ish on the ground, I’m beginning to wonder. But, I still think our pass blocking is better in spite of this play. Last year Ward, Jr. was running for his life on almost every pass play and that isn’t happening, thankfully, so far this year.

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I’m sure O Line is part of it, but I think the QB run part of the option being completely non existent is more of it. I don’t know why that is.

Are they telling Allen not to run? If so, why call those plays?

Is defense keying on the QB option? Doubtful. I would think teams would not consider that our biggest threat and key on it

Is Allen missing the reads? Possible. But since he’s run a negligible amount, I’d find it odd that he’d miss every run option read

This is what bugs me right now. It’s bad enough that Allen is a square peg in a round hole, but if you’re going to run those plays, run them as they’re supposed to be run. Let’s see if Allen can run the ball on the option. I have my doubts but let’s prove it or stop calling those plays

And we saw this same thing with Ward and Postma after the miracle comeback against Memphis as many Coogs felt like Kyle should be the starter. Many at the time complained because of Ward’s bad performance and argued Postma was the better QB. How did that work out?

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Most of those options look like straight hand-offs to me. Ward used to and Postma does ride the back all the way into the line before pulling away, with or without the ball. I don’t think I’ve seen Allen really do it like that.

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Well KP started vs UCONN and we lost. Herman took the blame for bad play calling. I think he started vs Lamar last year. KP has good experience running the offense and he isn’t afraid to to keep it and run. Plus, I think he is hungry for victory. This his last year, he’s probably done with football after this, maybe gets a look as a WR at next level, practice squad, or CFL. My old track coach always said ‘hungry dogs run faster’. KP seems hungrier to me than KA. MA says King is hungry too. So either one over KA vs Temple. Let KP play a half and King play a half. Why not?

I’m pretty sure that Ward came out due to injury, not because he was playing terrible. I’m also pretty sure the feeling was more “we’ll be OK for a game”, not “Ward is terrible - give the keys to Postma”.

There’s really no comparison to the two situations except that Postma performed well off the bench. I hardly think you can assume we’ll lose with him starting just because that happened two years ago with an injury-riddled team.

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