I heard for a year all the hype about this series with Kevin Costner. I watched two episodes this week. Just awful, contrived, and poorly-acted.

I don’t know what that series is trying to be but it fails in my opinion. Kevin Costner has always seemed a little weasel-like to me, which is surprising as he was best friends with Auggie Garrido. Trying to make him more surly and more caustic just sucks the wind out of the production.

Note: you wanna know why the movie “Wyatt Earp” failed with critics, IMO? The sound in that movie was atrocious. If you like westerns I advise you to watch it and tell me I’m wrong. One minute everyone is whispering, making you turn it up to level 28 just to hear the words. The next minute its 149 decibels, blowing your inner ear through your cranium. Not entirely Costner’s fault but I’m surprised he let it go to theaters with that awful sound.

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I watch it but don’t love it either. Contrived is a good word for it. Most think I’m crazy for not being a huge fan. It’s fine but pretty ridiculous most of the time.

Maybe its my theory that you just can’t have that much action in Jackson Hole. Its one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. Its like making a series about the crips and bloods set in New Hampshire.

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That’s exactly what I tell my wife. That much crazy crap can’t happen there. It’s so over the top ridiculous. :laughing:

Yellowstone 1883 is really good. Violent and sad. Lots of it set in Texas.
Not a soap opera like Yellowstone.

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Never heard of it. I’ll have to find it.

And I should correct something I said. “Wyatt Earp” wasn’t panned by critics really. It was panned by western movie buffs who routinely place “Tombstone” above it. Surprisingly, “Tombstone” is often referred to as a western “classic.” Something I only recently became aware of. Albeit, it is an excellent film. But i’m a huge Kurt Russell fan.

Ever see his movie ‘Bone Tomahawk’ ?
If no. Its great. A violent and brutal Western.

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I waited until season 2 and then binged season 1. Love it.

Best line “you’re the trailer park and I’m the tornado”

Yes. I saw Bone Tomahawk. That was an edgy and true, very violent film. Really interesting.

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I personally think Blazing Saddles was the closest portrayal of what the real west was like.

That and Young Guns Part 2

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