Yep, it's official, TX schools join the WAC


Sounds like for now, it’ll be a Division I-FCS football conference, but may look to jump to I-FBS soon.

Sam Houston, SFA, ACU, and Lamar are all moving.

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Wait, the WAC is FCS now? I know I am not paying as much attention anymore but how did I miss this?

Well, it’s just now a thing. You didn’t miss it, you’re seeing it now. After everyone bailed for the MWC, they had dropped football entirely for a bit.


Mostly online, for-profit Grand Canyon University is also a WAC member. There is a lot of recent speculation that they will be adding a football program soon since they’re an established D1 school now. They have a lot of potential going forward after seeing what Liberty has done.

This what I missed. Thanks! Once UH left C-USA, I stopped keeping tabs on the WAC and C-USA.

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Grand Canyon had to drop the for profit stuff in order to be in the NCAA!

Grand Canyon prez said today that they have no intention of fielding a football team. Too difficult to start from scratch with no history of football. Lot of programs restore football.
He said Grand Canyon wants to emphasize basketball, and this may be a reach, but he said today he would like to be a Gonzaga, Creighton and Butler.

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Here is their pre-game student section.

This is probably a stadium full of just students only.

I always wondered why the FC wasn’t expanded a bit, or more students able to be loud and party.

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the wac and asun have now said they want ot join the fbsin 2 years… the g5 is about to become the g7

At least there will be power thru numbers. 65 P5s and 77 or 80 G5’s.

They have a school and a hotel and restaurant for their HRM program. I stayed in the hotel a couple years ago. Watched a Cougar basketball game on tv in their restaurant.

lol…yeah, I think a bit of a reach, but looks like they’ve got pretty good facilities.

P5 and G7 seems so uneven. They should do something to even those numbers out.


Maybe…if students actually went to games !

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So now that $80M CFP money the G5 conferences have to split, will now be split between 7 conferences. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t know the qualifications or who approves new conferences joining the FBS, but I don’t see G5s agreeing to this if they have a vote.

This seems like the same of the AAC trying to become a P6.

FBS is governed by the NCAA and unfortunately for us, P5 membership is decided by the P5s and the media.