Yormark interviewed on sicem365


I am continuously impressed with what a smooth operator Yormark is. He is in on everything in college sports and constantly looking for ways to further build and expand our brand nationwide, whether by just more exposure or expansion. I thought that he deftly handled the question about the ACC by not saying he’s going after certain teams, but leaving the door open. Yep, smooth operator.


Yeah Yormark pretty much said of the ACC, if we find opportunities there, we’ll explore them and handle it like we did the Pac-12.

I like how he is not hiding stuff like the SEC and B1G. He’s letting everyone know, if the ACC is heading to a collapse, he will assist with that.


Love that he is completely aware and accepting of the CFP revenue split and not being overly-upset about it. SEC/B1G bring in the most revenue, it is what it is. As Yormark puts it, we have a 2 seats at the table and that’s what matters.

That being said, he is vocal about the fact that the Big 12 runs March Madness from a revenue standpoint, and we should be compensated as such.

Big 12 is in good hands with Yormark. Solid interview


I also liked the part where he mentions accountability for the basketball refs. Hopefully all conference members will eventually get even whistles home or away.


So is it official that the big12 gets 2 guaranteed playoff spots per this or will it be decided later?

From what I understand, the model is as follows:

3 B1G
2 Big 12
Highest ranked G5 champion
At-large or Notre Dame


And thats a good model for us, too! 2 Automatic bids and a good shot at a 3rd bid every year from the at larges…I’ll take that! Great to be in the running for football NC every year…


Yorkmark is the best thing that could happen to the BIG 12. IMO we need to add UConn and Gonzaga only for basketball. Duke becomes available? We ought to invite them. This is paramount for our future media contracts.

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I have already seen stories from UCONN point of view that say if they joined Big 12, they would expect same TV revenue as everyone else…NO WAY is membership going to vote yes on some BB school getting full revenue in our league…Our membership doesnt want BB only members!!! We want full members…We got 4 full members from PAC, and if opportunity comes, we will do likewise with ACC…We dont NEED new bb members…We already have the best BB league in the country., and we will soon add Arizona and Utah…Forget Gonzaga and uconn…Think about Duke and Miami and Louisville…

No thats dumb. Gonzaga doesnt have football and UConn football is garbage. We wait for the ACC to implode and take the best available. Just like we did with the Pac 12.

If it’s possibly to get those schools for basketball only, in addition to the ACC schools, then it would make sense.

If adding Gonzaga and UConn comes at the expense of football, then I agree it’s probably not worth it if you crunch the numbers

Big 12’s strength for the long term is its size

Did you read my post? I clearly stated basketball only. Got it? Yormark will decide what he deems the best possible course to take. UConn represents a huge media market. I too want to grab acc schools when available.