You can see the regret in Tom Herman's eyes when asked about Houston

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It’s all about buy-in. To me, the players at UT haven’t bought in like our guys did in 2015.


He basically has no answer as to why UofH played at such a high level and intensity compared to his teams at UT. I agree about the buy in but there is also a complacency by the players. They don’t have the chip on their shoulder being 4 stars and all.


Interesting. Tom doesn’t have a problem getting his teams motivated to play the big boys. His issue is getting them motivated to play teams that everyone thinks should be a win.

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Boo Hoo…it was always Judas’ intention to grab that job any way he could…That was in his plans as soon as he said YES to us…He doesnt know regret yet…He will when Whorn loses to Froggie, Okie and USC the next few weeks…Careful what you wish for, Judas…


they have a 50/50 shot at USC, neither team has an identity


The simple answer…We don’t have an Elandon Roberts, Greg Ward Jr, William Jackson III, Tyus Bowser, Matthew Adams, Cam Malveaux, Brandon Wilson, Kenneth Farrow, DeMarcus Ayers, Trevon Stewart, Adrian McDonald, Steven Taylor, and Alex Cooper!

The 2015 Houston Cougars team would have embarrassed the current Texas squad on the field!


Remember the first thing he did at Houston was lock the players out of the locker room until they earned the right to have it. The first thing he did at UT was tear out the locker room and build a new multi million dollar locker room. UT players are treated like they are entitled to everything without having to earn it so why should they buy into anything.


Apples and oranges… see what I just did there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Interesting… CTH does not seem to have the same energy that he had here and sense of urgency.

With Jimbo winning the PR wars, ole Tom is in a death spiral. He lost the media and now he is losing the fans.

A&M finally got it right with Jimbo.

I don’t know about that !

Since the game is in Austin, it is already 14-0 ut before USC arrives !!

OMG that was awesome :sunglasses:

He’s just going through the motions.
He really looks defeated.
He knows his offense is terrible but it’s too late to do anything about it this year.

That was a VERY LONG laundry list of injuries to start the thing off. Too many for week 2 of the season.
Another hallmark of the Herman culture.

“players have done a good job” -really??!!
“we understand what it takes to win” --really??
“we did a lot of positive things” --really??!

trust your training
play for the guy next to you
the love coach
----the schtick is getting old

I’d go with 50/50 in Texas. Even if you want to say losing to Stanford on the road equals losing to to Maryland on the road (which I wouldn’t agree with), I’m definitely sure winning 43-21 against UNLV is a better performance than winning 28-21 against Tulsa. Especially since Tulsa struggled against Central Arkansas and UNLV beat up on UTEP.

Can someone remind me what was the difference between what UT/LSU was offering Herman and what we were offering?
I know it was competitive but at least a million shy BUT he had to think about the fact that he really could have been another Gary Patterson here and really built something HIS WAY. He found magic here and he found a team/administration/city and fan base that supported him. That type of synergy is very very rare.

He just projected that he could replicate the synergy elsewhere, at aP5 “power” even though he probably could have used a few more years seasoning before making the jump. But he made his decision…and he had to know this was a possibility…especially with what he was walking away from.

We win next week and we are right back to being a ranked team. Perhaps we make a run and end up in a NY6 again. We finish strong this year and start next season by delivering Oklahoma ANOTHER Labor Day weekend loss and we are right back to being the darlings of College Football.

So, Tom Who? Is all about Sam’s name on the front of the jersey…HOUSTON.


Tommy Boy was never going to be happy here. Remember he interviewed for the South Carolina job his first year here.

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The circus would only get worse the longer he stayed here. It was pretty evident that year he was gone.


Tillman was willing to pony up for a $3.5M/yr contract plus incentives and pay increases to coordinators, IIRC.


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