You guys aren't going to believe this, UH to the PAC12


You’re right. I don’t believe it.


Baloney…this is probably TCU setting back fires of disinformation….
TT and UH to the PAC we’re (and are) the most logical targets by any sane metric.

No way on earth the PAC Presidents would add a school with “Christian” in its NAME, no matter how distanced they have become from its heritage.

No way.

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lol oh boy…

If TCU fabricated this story, its because they aren’t happy with the Big 12 and they see the PAC raiding the Big 12 as the endgame for 4x16.

They are doing this to try to hitch their wagon to UH because they know the UH + TT duo makes the most sense.

We are now in the Power Club, even if we never play a game in the B12, so the PAC would not be adding a G5 UH anymore IF they strike in the next 2 years.

TCU is well aware of this maneuver

MWC- Big East- Big 12 without playing a single game in the Big East

Ladies and Gentlemen, we earned ourselves OPTIONS now!


I would think it would be us and Tech before TCU. Make no mistake though TCU will change it’s school’s name before it gets relegated to the G5 again. They will do anything to stay in the Big boy club.


I hold this conference stays together. It is better for us than the pac.


I disagree. I want to be with city schools like UW, ASU, UCLA, and Washington. The Big 12 doesn’t have those, except for TCU and now Cincy and UCF.


It does underline our future is really bright.

Two things have to happen before we get to where can go.

  1. Win football championships consistently.

  2. Fan support.

If we perform in the Big 12 when the next conference realignment happens in 7-10 years, could see us in Pac 12 or even the Big 10. We will be a huge commodity.

Win, rinse, repeat…good things happen.


Maybe this is what Andre was referring to?


I think the big12 is better too. Playing Texas schools and in mostly central and Eastern time zones just makes too much sense.


Also, this doesn’t pass the smell test for me. I can buy TCU and Houston, but I can’t buy only TCU and Houston. A 14-team Pac doesn’t work logistically, and on its face, Tech seems to make more sense than TCU does. Who would the other two schools be?

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This also underlines the fact that Texas didn’t kill us.

F U ya bastages!!!

I am going to pour a tribute of the very best scotch on Deloss Dodds grave when the gentleman passes on. After I run it through my liver.


This gives some legitimacy to the PAC12 rumor years ago about their consultants telling us what they were looking for in schools.

After that consultation, we went to a spending spree for facilities.

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“This Close”


The teams we are with now will do so much more for our program. If the money is right absolutely benefits us to be where we are.
Have no interest in our programs traveling to Ca, Wa, Or or Sz every other week. And those fan bases won’t travel either.


We said no to football and basketball only???

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How triggered would the TTU, Baylor, OSU fanbases be if that would of happened?

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Agree we wouldn’t get many visiting fans from P12 but we shouldn’t rely on that to fill up our stadium. If it were only about road trip destinations for fans I would prefer P12.

Assuming we don’t get put in B12 division with too many geographically distanced schools (e.g., UCF, WVU, BYU, UC) I agree that it will promote more natural regional rivalries.

I don’t believe it.

The PAC-12 doesn’t take R2 schools or church schools.

As I said on another string.

Super conferences are easier to CONCEIVE……than to ACHIEVE.

P5 it is.